Barack Obama Is Spending A Very Busy Time In Kenya

Barak Obama Is Spending A Very Busy Time In Kenya

After becoming the president of America, it is the first tour of Barak Obama in Kenya, which is his own father’s land. He is spending a very great and busy time there. To make this historic tour, Obama reached in Nairobi, capital of Kenya, on Friday. Yesterday, he met the president of Kenya, named Uhuro Kenyatta. Then they discussed on various topic of these two nations and agreed to help each other whenever they or ask. This tour will be remarkable for both of the president.You can get more infromation about his visit at surpriselists

With Kenyatta, Barak Obama visited the mourn tower, which was made to remark the bomb blasting incident of American high commission. Then they were decided to have a political meeting to discuss and find out the solution of several matters. The Mediasof Kenya just named this tour of Obama as “Returning home”. The Kenyan public also very excited by having the American president among them. They welcomed him at the airport very gladly and gave too much honor and respect in the whole road, from where Obama was going to the hotel from the airport. Flowers and placards were used to decorate the whole way.

Barak Obama Is Spending A Very Busy Time In Kenya

As soon as Obama reached at Nairobi Airport, his step sister Ayuma, warmly welcomed him with a grand hug. Then Obama participated in the dinner with his other relatives. As Kenya is his father’s land, he has his grandmother, step siblings and many other relatives in Kenya. So, whenever, Obama made this historic tour in Kenya, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet his old relatives and it made him feeling like a home environment also. His relatives also got the chance of having a proud dinner by sitting with the most powerful president of can watch greatest pirates in history here.

To ensure the security of the American president, the Kenyan government took several steps. They appointed about 10,000 police and other national security forces just in Nairobi, where Barak Obama decided to visit. The main roads are also ordered to keep closed till Obama stays in Nairobi. The American defending team’s aircrafts are also keeping their eyes from the sky views. So, the Kenyan government is trying their best to co-operate in providing the best security for Barak Obama, who is not only their guest, but also like their own child too.

Barak Obama is one of the most powerful and also the presidents of America. He is differentiated with his dark skin tone. But his eye catching activity and works just made him dissimilar among the all. He added himself in the politics from a very early age, when he was just a college student. Barak Obama expressed his joy that, Africa is developing day by day both economy and living standard. He also praised a lot that, Africa also helps to increase the technology sector of the world, and if the young generation can maintain it, then every country of Africa can improve their GDP within a very short period.

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