Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Event Marquees

It has happened many times that the big day arrives and everything seems to be going wrong. The weather is bad, there isn’t enough seating, the food runs out or the service is terrible. There are a few things you can do beforehand to ensure that things will run smoothly. Your main attraction is going to be the marquee. Consider whether or not it should be enclosed in case of bad weather, or open for beautiful weather. Marquee hire Leicestershire experts will put up and take down the marquee for you, so this shouldn’t be a factor when deciding on style.

1 – Customer Service

From your first inquiry into marquee hire to the very last question you ask, the service should be exemplary. You expect a quality experience for your guests and this is the first impression of the type of service you will receive. A quality hire company will have professionals on hand to answer questions about lighting, heating, themes and customisations. Before you make any final decisions, try to contact at least three providers to get a solid idea of price range and services that are offered. This will prepare you to be able to negotiate with whomever you choose.

2 – Know What You Want

You should have a solid outline of what you want when you begin looking around for a marquee service. It is important to be able to tell the company the size of your guest list, the style you have in mind, the services you are expecting from them, as well as what kind of timeframe they will need from the beginning of the event until the end. Make sure you understand what is included in their service and what will cost extra. You may decide you want to hire your own caterers or other staff. Make sure this is allowed by the service.

3 – Not Verifying Quality

Quality is just as important as the customer service. Remember it will be your name up in lights and the impression you make will linger long after the last guest has gone home. You want your event to linger in your guest’s memory, but in a positive way. Make it be something they will talk about for a long time to come. Poor quality products such as dingy linens, old glassware, scraped up wooden or metal tables, and tears in the drapes or design of the marquee all can leave the impression that you do not pay attention to detail or that you are not concerned about a quality product.

4 – Not Fully Considering the Event

There are several factors to consider when choosing a marquee. If you need a large tent, it will need to be erected and then supported with ropes. The surroundings will need to be large enough and firm enough to support the ropes, and the ground firm enough to support the poles. If the space is not optimal for this, then look into the option of a framed marquee. Framed marquees use ground weights instead of ropes. Another consideration is to know what your goal is for the event, and tailor the style accordingly. For example, an elegant gold and white décor would be completely out of place at a high school graduation event. Consider your look, brand, or image when planning your theme. Will it be professional with a minimal but classy feel, or colourful with a touch of fun?

5 – Underestimating Crowd Size

Avoid hiring a marquee that is too small to comfortably seat your guests. It is difficult to enjoy yourself when you are constantly maneuvering around people or bumping into them as you pass by. At the same time though, make sure your marquee is not so big that it appears no one has come to your event. The marquee company should be able to guide you on the appropriate size of the marquee based on how many guests you are expecting. They can also assist you with how much and what type of seating you will need.

6 – You Get What You Pay For (Usually)

There are deals and bargains and off season pricing options available everywhere as the companies all compete with one another for your business. When comparing prices make sure you take into account what is included in them. Some may charge extra for coloured drapes or extra furniture while others may include it in their package. What will seem like a bargain at first may add up quickly once you add in all the extras.

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