Get Through The UK Immigration Process

If you are looking to enter the UK, you need to know as much as you can about the immigration process. Being fully prepared will help you to enter the process with confidence, which could make a big difference to the decision you receive.

Understand the Rules

One thing to bear in mind about the immigration process is that nothing is intended to trip you up or cause you too much grief. All of the rules are laid out for people to look through them, and it is recommended that you understand the rules before you start applying.

Of course, rules and regulations can be tricky to understand, particularly if English is not your first language or you have no experience in this matter. However, there is no excuse in not knowing the rules so you may find that calling on the services of an experienced solicitor or immigration advisor is the ideal starting point when it comes to moving forward.

The key areas where people are refused entry to the UK include financial requirement, having suitable accommodation, whether they are involved in a genuine relationship and not providing the appropriate documentation to support their claim.

Beginning with these issues can give you the best starting point in making a successful application.

Know what Documents you need to Provide

It is imperative that you provide the necessary documents to support your application and if you don’t, it is more likely that your request will be denied. At the very least, your application will be slowed down and these delays can cause a great deal of stress and hassle.

There is no specific case of documentation that you need to provide because every case is different. This doesn’t really help people and it can lead to delays but this is why speaking to an advisor about your case makes sense. There is a need to take a bespoke approach to building towards the best case for your application so make sure that you provide as much information as you can.

There is also a lot to be said for providing English translations of any documents which are presented in a foreign language. Again, this will help to speed up the process. You should also look to organise your documents in the most sensible manner, making it like a story that the assessor can follow.

Provide Original Documents

When you are sending documents as part of your application process, you should look to send original documents. Failing this, you should look to send notarised copies. It is important that you provide as much relevant and original documentation as you possibly can to support your argument and application.

Provide a letter from the Sponsor

The settled or British citizen partner should provide a letter of support that backs the applicant. There is a lot to be said for providing details about the relationship, what assistance and financial backing is on offer for the applicant and there is also a need to provide as much information about the accommodation as possible. Giving as much relevant information about the facts surrounding a person’s new location in the UK as well as the personality and make-up of the applicant and sponsor can have a huge impact on the final decision made by the authorities.

Provide a Covering Letter

You should look to provide a covering letter for your entire application and if there are any specific issues or complexities involved with the case, this should be detailed in the covering letter.

Be Prepared as Quickly as Possible

Even if you are not planning on moving to the UK for a number of months, starting the application process and pulling things together makes sense. You should look to have as much information ready as quickly as possible to save any last minute hassle or stress.

It can be extremely stressful going through the application process to gain entry to the UK, and this is why calling on the local experts makes sense. You should look to employ the services of a specialist immigration solicitor to help your application.

There is no getting away from the fact that looking to enter the UK is a stressful situation but you can make things easier by calling on the right people for help and assistance.

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