About Obesity and Obesity Surgery

Nutrition plays a critical role in the development and prevention of malignant tumors. According to research in the area, one third of illness of cancer are due to improper diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Also, overweight women shows a higher risk of suffering from ovarian cancer than those with normal weight, according to a study published on site NetDoctor.co.uk British Scientists believe that the link between obesity and ovarian cancer appears because of adipose tissue, which maintains excess fat around the stomach and secreting estrogen. It seems that this hormone can stimulate development of ovarian cells and plays an important role in cancer. The survey was conducted on a group of 95,000 Americans aged 50 and 71 years, a period of seven years. Scientists have analyzed 303 cases of ovarian cancer in this period and found that women who have not followed hormone treatment after menopause, obesity increases the risk of ovarian cancer by about 80%. In contrast to women who have received hormonal treatment did not influence body weight in any ovarian cancer.

Obesity surgery – a long-term solution

For people that they fail to lose weight and maintain, only way to find her long-term solution is bariatric surgery (obesity surgery).

A restrictive (which reduces the stomach volume):

   * Laparoscopic gastric banding (laparoscopic gastric ring) is the best known and consists in introducing laparoscopic surgery a silicone ring (band) around the upper portion of the stomach and passage of food through this narrow area. Foods come first in the upper portion, which fills quickly. Only then, gradually, slowly pour softened food in the stomach;
* Sleeve gastrectomy (longitudinal gastrectomy) is surgery that is becoming more lately and that involves longitudinal sectioning of the stomach and laparoscopic conversion to a thin tube that allows only a small amount of food ( even in liquid form ).

B. Interventions malabsorption – jejunoileal bypass (no longer practiced);
C. Interventions mixed with the same restriction and malabsorption time: bypass geese (which shrinks the stomach and shortens the active intestine) or other less practiced interventions.

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