Swimming During Pregnancy: Important Things To Know

Swimming During Pregnancy: Important Things To Know

Gone are the days when a pregnant woman would be required to live in confinement. While pregnancy certainly brings a lot of changes in your body, the prospect of the arrival of a new life is reason enough to make you feel energized. Now, if you are one of these extremely fortunate expectant mothers and if you love swimming, it is obvious for you to be worried and anxious. There is no doubt that pregnancy brings a temporary halt to certain practices and coping with this might be a little difficult for any woman. The good news is that a healthy woman with an uncomplicated pregnancy has no restrictions on swimming whatsoever. That being said, it is extremely essential that you seek the advice of your consultant gynecologist to make sure that you are healthy enough to continue with your swimming lessons in Cypress, TX. Here, take a look at few things you must know about swimming during pregnancy.

How Much Can You Swim During Pregnancy?

There is no hard and fast rule as to how much should you essentially swim while being pregnant. The physiologies of all women vary widely and so is their capacity. Experts say that you can do whatever your body tells you that you can do. As you advance in your pregnancy, your increased bodyweight will reduce your speed. Generally speaking, the physiological effects of pregnancy on the heart and lung capacity of a woman starts showing after approximately 16-20 weeks. The feeling of fatigue too eventually increases. But again, even if you swim an extra distance, there is no possibility of harm to either your body or your little one inside the womb.

Does It Feel Good to Swim During Pregnancy?

Swimmers all over agree on one point and that is, it feels better to swim during pregnancy as opposed to any other type of exercise. The reasons behind this are many. First, swimming offers a buoyancy effect and allows the body to adjust to the increased weight. Second, the water helps unload your back and lastly, buoyancy increases the flexibility and reduces the pressure on the pelvis as well.

Is Doing Flip Turns During Pregnancy OK?

Flip turns are usually not recommended during pregnancy though it again depends on the strength of the individual and the size of her belly. In a flip turn, the swimmer needs to tuck her knees up to push off for taking the turn. With a heavy belly and an increased bodyweight, this is not a very easy or safe thing to do. So, it is better that you stay away from taking flip turns and such other related swimming styles.

What Else are to be Avoided during Pregnancy?

While swimming, you need to push off the walls with force. It is essential to be mindful of the intensity of this force because the more intense the force, the greater will be the overall jerk to your body. Also, diving is not recommended for women in the last trimester of her pregnancy.

What about Swimsuits?

Female swimmers obviously have a fascination for stylish swimsuits that make them look absolutely smart and their strokes suaver. But, when you are pregnant, it is the comfort that is more important for you than style. Now, the swimsuit you wear during pregnancy will depend on the size of both your belly as well as the breasts. A suit with wider strap is preferred because it gives better support to your belly. While you always have the option of buying bigger swimsuits with every passing month, trying out a tankini is a great idea. Tankini is an excellent variety of two-piece suit that gives enough space for a growing belly. However, Tankinis are not acceptable in swimming competitions but are perfect for practice sessions.

Can a Pregnant Swimmer Participate in a Competition?

As already said, for a healthy woman with uncomplicated pregnancy, taking part in a competition is not a big deal though it should be done after doctor’s advice. Just make sure you use a ladder to get in and out of the waters instead of diving and also start from the wall at a later stage of your pregnancy.

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