How Songwriters Should Choose The Best Singers?

It is important for songwriters to know how to choose the best singers to match their songs. This will make sure that the song can be represented in the best way possible. In this case, songwriters should define what type of voice that’s the most appropriate for their songs. Each singer has natural vocal style. As an example, some singers are good at singing rock, others prefer pop and some like country. It would be straightforward to choose singers depending on the genre of our music. However, it’s still not so simple. We will need to define the best vocal classification for the singer. Songwriters should know the range of voice that sounds best for the song. Bass is the lowest vocal range for male singers, followed by baritone and tenor is the highest. Alto is the lowest for female, followed by mezzo soprano and soprano as the highest. It is important to be aware that vocal classification isn’t really an indication of the usable range.

Vocal classification is more on how colorful, full and thick the voice of the singer. This classification could span over a specific group of notes. However, we should be aware that the range of the notes can be a bit flexible depending on specific conditions. In general, it is important to make sure that singers will be able to sound at their best when singing our song. In fact, some male singers with bass vocal classification could reach the soprano notes for female singers. Even so, it doesn’t mean that the male singer has soprano vocal range, even if he manages to reach it. In general, these male singers are at their best when staying within the bass vocal range. If we choose a singer with the appropriate vocal range, the song will sound really fantastic. The next step is to define whether the singer has proper singing style. It’s something that’s often come from within the singer. Songwriters may need to ask the singer what kind of music that he/she likes best.

The singer’s hometown often determine his or her singing style. As an example, a singer who comes from the deep south in the United States is more likely to have the distinctive southern twang. Singers from the northern part of the United States may have flatter accent, although some areas like New York is known for their distinctive thick accent as well. It may take some degree of soul searching to determine whether we have chosen the best singer for our song. It is important to make sure that singers are able to feel the song and have emotional connections. It may be necessary to perform an audition session to make sure that we can narrow down the type of singer. Singers should feel that the songs strike a personal note to them. If songwriters and producers choose the wrong singer, it is possible that the singer won’t feel that he’s not into it.

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