4 Tips For Proper Dental Hygiene While Wearing Braces

4 Tips For Proper Dental Hygiene While Wearing Braces

Observing proper dental hygiene is crucial, however, for those with braces in Surrey BC, it’s even more important. Bacteria tend to grow in the nooks and crannies that can be found in the brackets and wires of braces if you can’t maintain proper and regular dental hygiene. If you want to have healthy oral health even with your braces on or even after they are removed, then simply observe the oral health care tips below.

Get the Right Tools

If you think that your current dental care tools aren’t effective, then you may have to consider buying better ones. For example, an Interdental toothbrush that looks like a pipe cleaner will be helpful in getting around the hard to reach areas of the wires under the brackets. Another great tool is the floss threader, which can help in safely flossing away any obstructions. There is also a floss that has a stiff end, which is designed for people with braces. A water pick can also be useful in removing any debris in-between small spaces of the teeth and braces.

Replace Toothbrush on a More Frequent Basis

It is highly recommended that you replace your toothbrush more often since your toothbrush will experience more wear and tear from the brackets and wires. And also, consider using a soft-bristled toothbrush or an electric toothbrush.

Brush Four Times a Day

Although you may be used to brushing your teeth two times a day, if you have braces, it is recommended that you brush four times a day. Braces have lots of nooks and crannies that food particles can get into. If these food particles stay in your mouth for long periods of time, they may result in gum disease and tooth decay. Extra brushing will make sure that your mouth is free of bacteria. It’s suggested to brush after every meal and once before going to bed.


Flossing with braces can be quite hard to master, but it will be all worth it. The initial step in flossing is to get the floss under the wire that attaches to the braces. A floss threader will come in handy in getting the floss under the archwires. You can also use dental floss that has a stiff end. It’s pre-cut and is easy to insert under the archwires.

After placing the wire underneath the archwire, it can enclose the tooth on one side. The floss will then be pushed up to the gum line and pulled down to the wire. This must be repeated 4-5 times to make sure all plaque is removed. An important note is not to apply too much pressure on the wire. After the floss is pulled out, repeat the process unto the next teeth.

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