Damage Control

Damage Control

Help! Timmy’s stuck in the well!

We don’t all have a Lassie to look after us. The good news is, we’re perfectly capable of keeping ourselves out of wells–or at least learning how to climb out of them if we fall in. No matter how big a problem is, it can always be overcome; however, such damage control requires us to have already developed plans and skills that prevent problems and equip us to face them when and if they happen.


The best way to solve a problem is to prevent it from ever happening. Think of your health, for instance. Developing exercise and nutrition habits now, while you’re still feeling healthy, will prevent all sorts of diseases, both physical and mental. Building a house to code will help keep rot, flooding, and fires at bay–and help the house stay intact even if these things do happen. Regularly changing your car’s oil will keep it running better and longer. This sort of preparation requires a bit of time and money, but it will save you from true disaster–and we will all face potential disaster at some point.

Plan ahead

It’s also important to learn skills, such as the Heimlich maneuver, using a fire extinguisher, or how to change a flat tire. These skills can keep an emergency at bay. Have an emergency plan for common problems as well, such as a designating a meeting place for your family should there be a fire or establishing a code safe word if any of your family members are ever in trouble. Having the skills and a plan of action is an imperative method of keeping emergencies from becoming truly horrific.


Probably the most effective and essential method of “damage control” is to have good insurance. Sure, it’s an extra expense, but better pay a monthly premium than hundreds of thousands of dollars for a surgery. The auto insurance company AAA, for instance, offers free roadside assistance should your car stop working or you get a flat tire. Big ventures, like Coos Bay Casino, make sure that they have property insurance as well as risk and gaming insurance. Whether you’re planning ahead for home or for business, make sure you are well-insured, not just for you, but for those close to you as well.

Fast thinking

Sometimes, no matter how well we prepare, something funky is bound to happen. Some people are really good at clicking into problem-solving mode and thinking quickly on their feet. Others, however, may freeze up or totally blank on what to do. Thankfully, all your preparation and careful planning will have also given you the tools to think fast and address whatever problem may come up. If a rock smashes into your windshield, cash in on that AAA card to get roadside assistance, and find covered auto glass repair near you. You may even already have a preferred auto repair place selected. If a kitchen fire starts, you know how to smother the flame with a lid or baking soda. If a larger fire breaks out, you know where the fire extinguisher is and how to use it. If you have spent the time preventing and planning for emergencies, you will be able to quickly and efficiently quell most anything you may face.

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