5 Surprising Reasons For Bad Breath Among Children

5 Surprising Reasons For Bad Breath Among Children

It is likely that you are doing everything correctly in imparting good oral habits to your kids. They follow the brush and floss two times a day rule. But why is it that your child still has bad breath? According to North Delta dentists, here are a number of reasons that play in the halitosis or bad breath of your child, including:

Sinus Infection

Is your child suffering from a runny nose or sneezing? Have your child been suffering from a sore throat? Your child may have a sinus infection which leaves excess fluid in your child’s nasal passages. This will result to bacteria to accumulate in the throat which will lead to halitosis that mouthwash can’t remove. Make sure to have your child check by your paediatrician so they can be given antibiotics to treat the sinus infection.

Foreign Objects

We all know kids are curious. It may not be the main reason, however, small kids are extremely prone to putting small objects into their noses. When small things are inserted into the nasal passages, it can result to halitosis. So if you think something is in your kid’s nose, you should visit a healthcare professional. They can check your child’s nose and remove objects that may be inside.

Inflamed Tonsils

If you suspect that your child’s tonsils are inflamed, you can check them using a flashlight. If the tonsils appear to be red, swollen and has white spots, your child might have infected tonsils which is one of the causes of bad breath. A visit to the paediatrician can help solve this problem.

Dry Mouth

Same with adults, dry mouth in children can also lead to bad breath. If your kid is not hydrated enough while outside playing, they may have bad breath as a result. Make sure to teach them to drink water even if they are busy to prevent bad breath and other problems like tooth decay.

Tooth Decay or Gum Disease

Regrettably, even kids with good oral practice can get tooth decay or gum disease. Such problems if left untreated can result to bad breath. Make sure that your child visits the dentist for check-up to prevent problems like tooth decay, gum diseases and of course, bad breath.

Do not think that bad breath is due to your child missing out the most important routine during bedtime. Even with proper oral care routine, bad breath can still arise since there are a lot of reasons behind it. Make sure to do some research on the different causes of bad breath so will know what steps to take in preventing them.

Thanks to Scott 72 Dental Centre and their dentists for explaining the causes of bad breath.

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