Why Polo Shirts Are First Choice In San Diego Marketing Options

Why Polo Shirts Are First Choice In San Diego Marketing Options

In case you haven’t heard; custom polo shirts are making a huge comeback.

Custom polo shirts have always been a popular marketing and advertising tool because of their utility and versatility. More formal than a branded t-shirt, but less formal than the corporate button-down, the polo is the sporty version that says you mean business and are ready to get it done. Now however, they are making a huge comeback in marketing not because of their appeal in branding uniformity but because of their uniform appeal.

Polos are not just a clever way to market your San Diego business; the preppy staple is also the latest go to top in and out of the office. Sharp designers everywhere are amping up the humble polo, and taking the polo from smart and functional to front-of-the-pack A-lister. There are many reasons to use custom polo shirts in your marketing campaign but one that stands out among all others: looking good is good for business.

Here are some smart ways to use this A List approved marketing magnate in promoting your San Diego business.

Custom Polo Shirts Make Super Cool Uniforms

Branded polo shirts are always first choice in business uniforms because they are economical and impactful. Not only can you quickly identify your employees, so can clients or customers. The ability to find help quickly and to see how many people are working to make the experience successful creates a more positive customer experience. While employees work, the polo shirts are also working to create brand recognition.

Looking great is important, but uniforms must also be highly functional. That is another important aspect of what makes the polo shirt so valuable as part of a uniform. The choices in custom polo shirts are endless. Feature options such as pockets, long sleeves, colors, and different materials including 100% cotton, moisture wicking, and stain resistant aid in meeting the needs of the employee in performing their job while you satisfy branding and marketing needs.

Use Branded Polo Shirts to Improve Employee Morale

From the small local San Diego business to the large corporation, its success depends on the dedicated efforts of its employees. High quality custom polo shirts not only create that very important sense of unity, they also tell the employee you value the company’s image and theirs. When employees look good, they feel good—and feeling good is great for improving the office work climate, developing a positive work culture, and in reinforcing a can-do attitude. Branded apparel such as polo shirts also creates a strong sense of ownership of their job and the overall success of the business.

Image Booster

Fashion trends make a huge impact on our society and how people view us. Polo shirts have stepped out of the realm of utilitarian, and into a new world of sharp fashion that makes them a very desirable piece that speaks volumes. Even better, your custom polo shirt can be used from the packing house to the boardroom, and be equally appropriate. Employees can dress up the branded polo following the current trends and display a forward thinking image of the company, or take a more utilitarian approach if that is what the work demands.

Gifting Polo Shirts More Effective than Ever

With polo shirts hitting the runway, they are of course more popular than ever. As a high value item, branded polo shirts have always been an excellent promotion item because you were assured they would be kept, used, or passed along to someone that would, providing excellent traction in your branding efforts.

Now, the polo is back as a highly desirable fashion staple and has been elevated to a very deserving place of honor. When you use embroidered polo shirts as a promotional gift, your marketing investment is even more valuable. Recipients are far more likely to wear them, and wear them more often, and people are more likely to take note of them.

If you do not follow fashion, or know that designers like Chanel, Balenciaga, and Proenza Schouler have all made the polo a stand out staple, don’t worry. You will still feel the impact when you see people wearing your shirts and have the need to restock your supply often. Whether paired with traditional khakis or worn with a blazer and jeans, your custom polo is destined for marketing success. If you have questions about the options in affordable marketing and promotional items or want to find out more about using economical embroidered polo shirts in your San Diego business, give EmbroidMe a call today or stop by our Balboa Ave office.

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