7 Tips For Using Custom Polo Shirts In San Diego Marketing

7 Tips For Using Custom Polo Shirts In San Diego Marketing

No matter what type of business you have in San Diego, or whether it is business to business or business to consumer, using custom polo shirts for your work wear is a choice that can greatly enhance your brand. Custom polo shirts are economical and come in a wide range of colors and options including moisture wicking and stain resistant materials so employees always look and feel great.

Beyond just looking great and creating a unified look for your work team, logoed polo shirts provide a lot of benefits when used fully and in the most effective ways. If you want to get the most out of your custom polo shirts, here are some tips that will help you get the most from your marketing.

Visit a Showroom

Polo shirts come in an astounding amount of options, and not all of them read well over the computer, in pictures or are easily described. The best way to ensure the best choice for your business is by visiting a showroom where you can see and touch the options. When you have the opportunity to see the available choices, you may have preferences based on the type of job, activity level, or whether it is an indoor or outdoor position.

Choose a Material Color that Makes your Logo Stand Out

Rather than only considering your brand colors when choosing a polo shirt for your business, consider complementary colors as well. Try your logo up against several different colors of material before you make your final choice. Try viewing your logo from various distances and see which remains most clear and visible. By expanding your possible color choices, you open the door to colors that can highlight your brand in the best possible light.

Choose a Brand that Fits Your Mission

One of the best things about custom polo shirts for the business is that they come in many high quality brands and price points. You can choose from economical favorites such as Port Authority and UltraClub to premium brands such as Nike and Adidas. Whether you want a brand that offers durability and would solely highlight your brand or if you want your brand to borrow a little brand recognition from one of the top names in sportswear, there is a choice that fits your marketing mission.

Make Sure Your Logo or Tagline Reads Well When Reduced

Not every logo that looks fabulous on signs, windows and on paper read well when reduced. Busy designs or complicated details can be lost when reduced small enough to fit on a pocket, sleeve or chest of a polo shirt. Be sure to get samples, and if it does not read well, some suggestions on how to simplify the design.

Choose a Material That Fits How It Will Be Used

Polo shirts come in a wide range of types of fabrics so it is important to choose one depending on the type of business and the functions employees serve. For example, you may want to choose materials based on colorfastness, stain resistance, moisture wicking, or wrinkle resistance depending on which features provide the most benefit to specific job functions.

Choose Cuts for Both Men and Women

Since custom polo shirts are already an economical choice, you can afford to choose cuts for both men and women. Many companies opt for a universal men’s cut and allow them to serve as women’s wear. While this works, it really does not serve the brand very well, especially since the price points are equal and not I n any way affected by the Cuts tailored specifically to the male or female form give every employee a clean, tailored look that exemplifies a professional atmosphere.

Get Expert Advice

Depending on the size of your company or home many custom work shirts you need, it is not a decision you want to make without knowing all of the options. The best way to make a great choice that will serve your San Diego business well is by getting expert advice. Talk to a professional in the field about economical choices in polo shirts, screen printing versus embroidery, brand and material options, features, and package options.

Choosing the best custom polo shirts for your San Diego business involves more options than most people realize. No matter if you need shirts for an event, such as a golf tournament, or to use a workwear for your business, there are options that will make the job easier and make your brand stand out.

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