Benefits Of Double-Majoring In College

Benefits Of Double-Majoring In College

Double-majoring in college is a very difficult thing to do, I will be honest about that. I am double-majoring right now in Linguistics and Spanish and it has definitely been a struggle. However, it is truly worth it in the end. I have seen many of my friends graduate from college with a double-major and have been so successful in life. It is something that you really have to plan out from the very beginning so that you can graduate on time, but it will be a great thing once you graduate. Here are just a few benefits of double-majoring in college.

When you double-major in college, you are literally getting a Bachelor’s Degree in two different specializations. This would be like you going to college for four years with one major and then going back to college for four years to get another degree. If you know that there are two majors that you are interested in and they can in some way compliment each other, then just go for the double-major. This saves you so much time because later on, when you decide to go back for a 2nd Bachelor’s Degree, you will wish that you had just double-majored the first time. You are also saving so much money. Say your tuition is $20,000 a year. Your four-year education would cost $80,000. Do you really want to have to go back and pay that price again? It might even be higher than that because tuition is always increasing as the economy fluctuates.

It looks great on a resume. When you can put that you don’t have one but two Bachelor’s Degrees, the employer that you are applying to will see you as a very hard-working, dedicated, motivated person. They will pick you over someone who only had one major in college. It really takes a lot of time management and hard work to double-major in college, and those are traits in a person that are crucial to almost all work places.

You have more choices as to where you can work. Some jobs require you to have a specific degree, others just require you to have any Bachelor’s Degree. With two degrees, if you can’t find a job in one profession, you can lean more towards your second one. You might even find a job where both degrees are helpful to have. This is why, if you decide to double-major, you should pick two majors that you are both interested in and are able to somewhat merge together when looking for a job after you graduate.

You will gain more knowledge. This is the main reason that I myself am double-majoring in college. I am a person who loves to learn and that is why I decided to go to college. I want to know everything I can before I die, and college seems like a good way to do that. If you want to receive the maximum amount of knowledge that you possibly can during your four years in undergraduate study, double-majoring is the thing to do. This way, your course schedule will be completely packed, and with courses that you are actually interested in taking. For most college students, they have open electives where they can take any class they want and it will count towards graduation. These credits need to be fulfilled along with your major requirements. Many students use these open electives to fulfill a minor, but you can use these for another major as well. You may have to take some courses during the summer and winter intersession, but it is worth it.

If you want to experience college to the maximum that is possible, double-majoring is one of the best things that you can do.

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