Effects Of Social Media On Our Work Life

If you are looking for a job in Pakistan, you need to pick up your job seeking game to a further step. In order to get succeeded you need innovative techniques to make your ways through it.  In the days of social media, if you don’t have an online presence, you probably don’t exist socially these days.

Your online presence can make a real difference in your job hunting. There are few tips to utilize social media to successfully wisely to hunt a job in Pakistan or to maintain it.

Acknowledge its presence as a double edge weapon: last year during my ongoing IT job in Islamabad, one of my colleague was forced to resign from her job due to her controversial tweet which misaligning the company policy.

Another social media blunder that I observed in my short career span was when my friend posted her vacation pictures while being on the sick leave. Don’t need to mention that she has to face a salary deduction. Be very cautious while posting anything on social media as it can affect your career development. For instance if your possible recruiter find your negative Facebook status regarding some aspect of the job which you love, supposedly in the interview, it can ruin your image to be hired. If your social media creates a bad image of yours to the recruiters, nothing can get that opportunity back to you. So use it with wisely led freedom.

 Use social media to portray your positive image particularly when a prospective boss is around.  LinkedIn is the widely recognized professional media platform together professionals on one page. If your LinkedIn profile successfully presents you as a viable resource instead of a liability, you’ll chances will be brighten up.

One of the most common social media mistake that I have observe in the recent past is the expressed hatred for your job or the previous job in particular. One of my colleague from previous IT job in Islamabad commit this blunder as she posted a very negative comment for her previous boss and company without realizing that her prospective boss was also present there. Despite being on the radar, she didn’t get the final nod as this action represented her as a bad professional. Therefore, don’t add anything on your social media profiles which you want to hide from your boss as world is round and small with no edges.

With the advancement in the recruiting methodologies, majority companies look for social media profiles to discuss job openings and finding the nest talent in hand. They prefer these recruiting techniques because it spare them from excessive wastage of resources on traditional recruitment process.

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