IVF Pregnancy – How To Choose An IVF Clinic

IVF Pregnancy – How To Choose An IVF Clinic

You have undergone IVF treatment successfully and now you are pregnant. This is the most memorable phase of a woman’s life. You are pregnant and overjoyed because you are going to be a mother soon. And it is now important that you start planning where you would go for your delivery. Choosing the bestfertility hospital in India is very important. You should be rest assured that you and your baby will be well taken care of there. There are a number of things that you should consider before finalising on one hospital. Let us look at some points that will let you decide for yourself.

Reputation of the Fertility Clinic is Very Important.

The reputation of a hospital is built on the quality of doctors that they have, the services that they offer and the quality of support staff at the hospital. You could start by looking at the official website of the hospital and see the services that they offer or even do Google searches of any the past news related to the hospital which can help you make a decision on its reputation.

Word of Mouth

listen to your close friends. Getting first-hand information from someone who has given birth in a particular hospital can be the best way to decide on a fertility hospital. Talk to your relatives and friends and ask them if they found the hospital comfortable and the services up to the mark.

IVF Pregnancy – How To Choose An IVF Clinic

Taking a Hospital Tour 

Once you decide on a few hospitals, you should book a hospital tour and have a look at the maternity unit, the neonatal intensive care unit and the labour and the delivery rooms. You should also prepare a list of questions to ask the nurse who may take you around the hospital. This could include questions regarding the number of nurse on duty, the visiting time of the doctor, about the cleanliness of the rooms, questions regarding whether the hospital will be providing the supplies for the baby or you should be getting them from home and any other queries that crops your mind.You could have a word with the staff at the hospital to judge their quality and thus build your comfort and confidence level. Some of the best fertility clinics in Mumbai provide this facility along with registration.


IVF treatments can be blow to the pocket. But once you are satisfied with the services that the hospital offers, you should ask about the hospital fee which includes admission, price of the room, delivery charges, the obstetrician and the Gynecologist fee and any other fees that the hospital may charge you. In case you have a medical cover for you delivery you can see if the hospital is covered under the scheme and how much cover does the insurance offer. Most of the hospitals nowadays have EMI facilities.

Proximity of the Hospital

It is advised that one should look for a hospital closer to home. This will be beneficial in case you have some complications at a later stage. If yours is a high risk pregnancy then you should definitely keep the distance of the hospital in mind before you finalise on one.

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