Daimler to add 3 new models in India

Daimler to add 3 new models in India

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), the 100% wholly-owned accessory of the world’s arch barter architect Daimler AG, on Friday launched four fresh Bharat Benz models (three tractors and one construction-mining truck) in Mumbai.

With the barrage of the aboriginal three able models in September 2012 (2523R, 2523C & 3123C) Bharat Benz began its alms of a ambit of trucks.

Subsequently, Bharat Benz launched its ambit of medium-duty trucks in February 2013. It additionally launched its ambit of made-in-India trucks for consign beneath the FUSO cast in May 2013. During 2013, two added able trucks (2528 & 3128) were launched.

“While added variants are to be launched, this barrage of tractor models enhances the Bharat Benz’s ambit to awning segments from 9 – 49 tonne GVW,’ the aggregation said in a statement. “With the best recent addition of models, Bharat Benz is now present in all above segments of average & abundant assignment trucking.”

The four models aloof launched will be commercially accessible anon through Daimler’s dealership arrangement beyond the country. “The Bharat Benz tractor and the construction-mining trucks will now bolster the capabilities of chump who accomplish in this articulation abacus the ambit of reliability, fuel-efficiency,” the account said.

Said Marc Llistosella, MD & CEO, DICV: “The trucking industry in India is experiencing a boxy phase. Beneath such circumstances, barter alarmingly appraise the offerings by manufacturers. With the barrage of these trucks Bharat Benz is now present in all above trucking segments as promised 2 years ago. The complete acquaintance that the BharatBenz ambit provides has additionally triggered a abundant transformation in Indian trucking”.

V R V Sriprasad, VP-marketing, sales and aftersales, DICV, said: “Tractor-Trailers are at the actual top of the value-chain in trucking. Hauling abundant appurtenances over continued distances, the qualitative aspects that Bharat Benz provides in agreement of efficiency, reliability, abridgement and all-embracing TCO allowances become best important and imperative. The construction-mining barter on the added duke will accommodate a actual important aspect of believability because the altitude in which these trucks will be operated, appeal connected use beneath anfractuous conditions.”

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