Where Homeschoolers Can Learn To Code

Coding is being offered in more and more schools, both public and private. Homeschoolers, however, often do not have access to the same technology and educational resources that students in more traditional school settings do. Homeschoolers are thus at what may initially seem like a disadvantage to learn coding. However, resources are available to help your homeschoolers learn the skills that can help propel them into a profitable IT career in the future.

Contact Your Local School

Many school districts and private schools are willing to partner with homeschoolers to offer their resources for a reasonable fee or for free (as may be the case with some public schools). For example, your local public elementary, middle, or high school may offer an afterschool coding club or a coding class that meets once or twice a week. This would give your children access to high-tech computer labs and knowledgeable teachers.

Look Outside the Schools

Many nonprofit organizations offer coding classes around the country. They may partner with local schools to offer coding classes, and they may also offer classes to students outside the school district framework. These classes may meet after regular school hours or perhaps on the weekends. This would be an opportunity for your tech-minded student to engage with others with the same interest.

Coding Clubs

Local youth and recreation centers, community centers, etc. may offer a coding club. This is the perfect place for your homeschooled child to connect with others of the same mind and to learn coding in a collaborative way. These clubs may compete with other clubs, making them even more fun.

Look Online

Free tutorials as well as more advanced options are available to students who prefer to teach themselves and to interact with other coders online. If you wish, you can also purchase classes online for your student to learn not just the basics, but also more advanced coding languages and techniques.

A variety of options are available to the homeschooled student to learn coding. A child does not necessarily have to be enrolled in a public or private school to take part in coding classes. Some options are free, but others require payment. The best part of learning to code is learning from other students and having fun, which can be done online or in a more traditional classroom setting.

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