Things You Must Know About Women’s Health

Things You Must Know About Women’s Health

Women’s health refers to female anatomy, they have unique health anatomy. Some of the issuesare familiar for both men and women, but it affects quite different to women. Maintaining good health is very important for women as they do many activities in daily life. Women health issue is taken by many feminist and they are the strength of the house and they should be fit and healthy to mange activities of daily life. Women’s health problem is due to lack of essential vitamins and minerals as vitamins are very much important for body organs to perform functions and keep them a good health, quality vitamins helps women in slow ageing process,improve energy level in the body and strengthens immune system and it will also support the hormones, but while taking the vitamins you should consult the medical profession whogives better guidance when it comes to women’s health so we need a better guidance from the experts.

Nutrition is important for both the genders. Fresh vegetables and fruits helps grow vitamins and minerals required for the body and for women’s health they also require nutrient like antioxidant, amino acids and so on. They need an extra care for good health for balancing female hormonesand regular checkup should be given to them to keep fit and disease free. A safe steroid for women is always best for women health. There are many women health issues, out of this the most common issues are discussed here:


It is about the thinning bones or bone disorders that lead to breakage or fractures in the bones. It mostly occurs in backbones, hips and wrist, it appears after the menopause several reductions in female hormones. There is not only one single cause of osteoporosis the reason of breaking bones and fractures in the body leads to risk of fracture and is dfue to increasing age or if mother have a hip fracture or low calcium or excess take of caffeine or alcohol.

Symptoms and Complications of Osteoporosis:-

Gradually they don’t get to know that they are affected with this symptom, until the fractures or pain occurs. The symptoms of osteoporosis is backache, a fracture in the hips and bones and a gradual reduction in height by bending posture and the complication of osteoporosis fractures are very painful and it will take more time for healing, the pain remains after healing which is chronic pain but cause of pain makes feel us anger and intense fear.


Women experience natural cause of menopause, it is the permanent stoppage of cycling in reproductive function its span is after 40 years. There are several stages of menopause the first stage is pre menopause, that starts several years before menopause, it is due to secretion in female sex hormone in reproductive organ and the second stage is actual menopause in this the organ stop functioning and it release the female gameteand the last stage is post menopause in this sign of risk gets off and the greatest risk in health problem.

Symptoms of Menopause:-

The symptoms are hot flashes, depression, increase pulse rate, anxiety, sleep disturbance, joint pain and back pain and skin wrinkling and thinning.

These are the two major health issues that every women have to face in their lives.

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