Online Plagiarism Checker: How to Use it?

It is always good to make sure that any content you intend to publish or submit for evaluation is up to the required standard. A plagiarism checker like Plagramme is the best option to help you discover any similarities in the content to ascertain that it is original.

For most academic assignments, it is important to check for any matching content or text so that you present unique work. Also, most organizations and institutions make use of plagiarism software to know if any work submissions are original to avert the legal consequences of plagiarized content ( The results of the plagiarism checker should help you to address the highlighted issues in the material. But you have to learn how to use it. Here are tips to help.

Uploading the document

You are required to upload the document you want to check on the site and assess the content from across databases with enormous resources from all sites in the world. The checker evaluates every part of the passage to highlight any paraphrasing issues, similarities, cited text and any past text that passed through the plagiarism checker.

Exclude the title page

Typically, the title contains the topic, names of authors, and the name of the institution. These details could match with other similar studies and research assignments. However, the title should not be subject to duplicate content since the names of the institution, authors and the title may be similar to other content published by a different author.

The bibliography should not be included in your search

Anytime you are cross-checking a paper for plagiarism; you should ensure the bibliography is not included. See, the style used in the bibliography may have been used by someone else to cite the source or the article. In such a case, the plagiarism checker will highlight a similarity in content. So, you should always make sure you leave out bibliography when you are checking your paper for any plagiarism issues.

Check your paper a few days in advance

If you have a paper that you intend to check for plagiarism, make sure you do it bearing in mind that you will require time to fix the problems that arise from your check. Precisely, 2 – 3 days will be enough for you to get rid of the errors highlighted by the plagiarism checker. Before handing in your document for evaluation, you should take a few minutes to ascertain that it is 100 percent original.


You should make sure the right citation is used in your assignments or your work. However, the plagiarism checker will highlight the citation that is well cited by detailing it in a certain color. And in case you notice a different color (depending on the plagiarism checker that you use) learn that the citation used is not correct. So, you should go ahead and revisit it for corrections.


Plagiarism checker is a tool that aids in finding out common flaws and saves you a lot of frustration. So, if you utilize this tool properly, you will get to know about any issues that arise from your text such as similarity, improper citation, paraphrasing, and any match. Lastly, for you to get an original document make use of a plagiarism checker.

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