Make The Right Decisions For The Right Reasons

Make The Right Decisions For The Right Reasons

“You don’t do anything all day long. Come here and help me”

Sounds familiar . . . right!

That’s because you are jobless and at home. Well! Your mom is right, at least, to some extent!!!

But have you ever thought that may be you could have tried a little harder . . . or may be in a different way.

Make The Right Decisions For The Right Reasons

First Things First

First of all, start with your resume’. Make your resume more targeted and focused.  Update the resume’ according to the latest market demands. Aim at the latest trends and tendencies around and devise a strategy to project your resume’ keeping them in your mind. While highlighting your plus points and achievements, do focus on the requirements specified by the employers. Even if there are some skills that you lack, try to cover them up with some other similar abilities. Always keep an eye on the current market trends and try to cope up with them as much as you can.

Have a critical review of your current resume’. Put yourself in place of an interested employer and see what you would look for when it gets in your hands. Do the credentials, knowledge and skills mentioned in the CV match the specifications of the job being offered or not? What things might be intriguing for you and catch your eye? Even the personal details can be interesting, like your hobbies and sideline interests might be stimulating or fascinating. E.g. paragliding might refer to your adventurous personality. In the same manner, painting may hint towards your creative nature.

 Dance to a different tune

Many templates are available for formulating a successful resume’. But, sometimes it is good to dance to a different tune. Jotting down some information in an informal tone might do some good and put you in lime light. If carefully planned and executed, it can prove to be a staggering feature of your resume’. Make sure you don’t carried away with being casual; just the right thing at the right time only!

Do not go where the path may leadMake The Right Decisions For The Right Reasons

Go instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. . . . A resume’ with some unconventional touches, here and there, is an excellent idea, especially for a creative job. This sends a clear signal to the employer and also sets an aura for further discussion and interest. This also can serve as a tool to clearly show your creativity in the concerned field.

Another idea can be a slice out of your previous creations, rather than just a description … as actions speak louder than words, we all know.

Set your priorities

You should always have a clear picture in your mind; what exactly are you expecting from your job and what do you intend to give in return? Then comes the next level; what are the things that you cannot at all omit? And then there are things that you may compromise on. Money is obviously the foremost issue, but if the amount being offered in return for your services is not up to your demands; do consider if there is some other gain from the opportunity, that you might take advantage of. The experience you can get from the job can prove to be more important than the financial benefits in the long run. The name you can get from a reputed organization can land you in a better place easily. Working as a subordinate with experienced people can polish your skills and improve your knowledge; thus, leaving you in a better overall scenario than earlier.

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