How Students Could Survive in the College?

It is challenging enough for students to pursue a degree. They also need to get involved in various events and activities. Keeping a healthy balance of everything can be quite a difficult task. However, there are things they can do to improve their chance for survival and make their lives in the college less stressful. One of the most important things to do is to stay organized and this is one essential factor of being successful. Students should purchase a planner and use it appropriately. Planners can be quite beneficial when we use it correctly. It’s easy to use a planned if keep it highlighted, color coded, organized and clean. It is also important to organize our dorm room and living space. The most important thing is to make sure our desk uncluttered, because it is where we often study. A fully organized living space could keep us focused and we will be more comfortable in a stress-free environment. We could utilize storage boxes in our dorm rooms to avoid clutter. Shelves could also be used to organize books, binders, files, documents and other items. We could also use dividers to further organize binders, so it is easy to locate specific learning material.

The most essential part of being productive in the college is by staying healthy. There are many basic things that we could ignore. As an example, water is important to our well being and health. In many cases, college students don’t drink recommended daily intake if water, leading to slight symptoms of dehydration and reduced performance. In many cases, we could get dehydrated even before we feel thirsty. To improve our fitness, we could get into the group fitness classes, intramural sports, gym and other similar centers. Many colleges have rock wall that we can climb. There should be plenty of fun activities in and around the college that can keep us healthy. Also, sports activities allow us to meet new people and it is another way stay healthy, by making good friendships with others. It is quite unfortunate that many students don’t eat right. We won’t be able to stay healthy only by microwaving frozen dinners and ordering fat-laden pizza. If we don’t have any option but to eat fast food, we should at least consume more vegetables and less meat. Many fast food restaurants are also offering a few healthier options made from fresh produce. A vegetarian pizza is still a better option than thick burger.

It is important for students to study and focus. Many college students find it challenging to focus on tasks. Tests, homework, papers, projects, quizzes and various extracurricular activities could pile up progressively. In this case, they could so many tasks that they need to focus on. Completing them all at the same time can be very challenging. In this case, students should procrastinate and they need to do the hard work. They should have monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly goals. At first, it is better to assign simple hourly tasks that need to be completed, instead of planning for a monthly schedule that they can’t fulfil. By taking simple tasks first and doing things in short terms, students with serious procrastination problems could start to become much more productive.

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