4 of the Largest Industries Taking Over Colorado

Known for scenic mountain ranges and other magnificent outdoor areas, Colorado is a state that offers more than just hiking and skiing. With booming industries and plenty of new business ventures in which to get involved, Colorado is becoming a top state for business. Four of the largest industries currently taking over Colorado include the energy and bioscience industry, aerospace and technology, tourism, and hemp farming. Here is how you can get involved in any of these ventures.

Energy and bioscience

A state heavily involved in cutting-edge industries, Colorado is a leader in scientific advancement through its dedication to research in energy and bioscience.

In terms of energy, Colorado has worked diligently to explore the future of our country’s fuel sources and diverse sources of energy. Colorado’s energy industry currently supports 150,000 employees and generates $11.4 billion in annual revenue. They work with oil, gas, solar, and wind-powered energy. Whether it be natural reserves of oil and gas east of the Rocky Mountains or solar panel and wind turbine fields, Colorado’s interest into energy involves an interest in diverse sources. This provides a lot of options for someone looking to work in this industry.

Likewise, Colorado takes an interest of many other different types of scientific fields, as well. For example, Colorado has plenty of research facilities and institutes dedicated to bioscience. Colorado has over 1,700 bioscience-related companies and a $1.6 billion investment in this industry in the last five years. Part of this industry includes research into the medical sciences and overall human health, with their $5.2 million Fitzsimons Life Science District providing “ambitious medical developments” for the state.

Aerospace and technology

At the forefront of exploration, Colorado has provided some of the most valuable space and air crafts for groundbreaking research into our skies. “From Kepler to Hubble Space Telescope to Dream Chaser and Orion,” Colorado has been at the forefront of aerospace innovation. Not to mention, the state has some of the most inventive thinkers helming Colorado-based aerospace companies like Surrey Satellite, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Lockheed Martin and Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation.

As for technological advancements, Colorado has its own kind of Silicon Valley with nearly 11,000 technology companies and start-ups. Some of the largest companies to exist in Colorado include AT&T, IBM Corporation, Verizon, Oracle, and DISH Network.


Aside from the tech and manufacturing industries, Colorado has some of the most beautiful outdoor spaces the United States has to offer. From its peaks, valleys, and red rock canyons to its urban cities filled with culture, Colorado was voted the 10th best state by U.S. News and World Report.

As for the economic impact it has on the state, tourism accounted for $19.7 billion in 2016. Not to mention, Colorado has 7.7 percent of all tourism jobs in America when the state only accounts for 1.7 percent of the American populace. That means a lot of people enjoy coming to visit this state!


The hemp industry has become almost synonymous with Colorado. Being one of the more progressive states in terms of legalization and classification of hemp in their constitution, Colorado has a booming hemp industry. Authorizing use of the product in 2012, Colorado is a top state for hemp production, offering the hemp industry free-reign over cultivation of the plant and fair regulation of distribution of hemp byproducts. The hemp farms in Colorado are able to provide some of the best quality products for the benefit of consumers.

If you’re someone interested in innovative industries and scenic views, Colorado could be the state for you! With contemporary organizations interested in providing the latest information and research, Colorado is a state with booming industries and plenty of ways to get involved.

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