More Reasons To Use Canada’s .CA Domain

We all know that the primary reason why using a .CA domain is a good thing is simply marketing. When you are targeting Canada’s local market, using a .CA domain can really help customers identify you quickly, increasing the chances of them making a purchase by quite a long way. However, sales or marketing is not the only reason why a .CA domain can be highly beneficial to use.

Local SEO Matters

Search engines are valuing local websites more when the search is coming from a specific region or country. This is why local SEO has been very, VERY popular these past couple of years. Using a .CA domain and a Canadian hosting company – or a Canada-based server or data centre – you can rank higher in these local searches.

To enhance the effect even further, you can also add your site or business to local business listings, Google Maps’ location services (and other similar services from top providers) and local online forums. You can reach new visitors directly while at the same time improve your online presence as a local business.

More Options to Choose From

Top-level domains are pretty saturated, with millions of domain names registered already. Finding a suitable .com domain name for your business or brand may not be as easy as you think. The domain can be in use or is currently held by another person for financial gains. You can still buy the domain name if that’s the case, but you will have to buy the domain for a premium price.

With .CA domain names, on the other hand, your chances of finding the perfect domain name are actually very high. Registrars require users to submit proof of residence and other documents before signing up for the domain name. Only Canadian residence can buy .CA domains.

For an affordable price, you can find a short and effective domain name that represents your brand perfectly. There is no need to pay a premium or settle for alternative domain names at all.

Easy to Manage

Top-level domain names are often the target of domain sniping. There are people whose business is finding expiring domain names and sniping them for grab. As soon as your domain name expires, it is purchased and held. To reacquire the domain, you will have to pay a huge amount of money.

.CA domain names are much easier to manage. Working with the best register domain name Canada company, you can actually have multiple reminders, a 90-day grace period and a lot of other security measures to protect your domain. Whois Guard and other security means are also available, just like when you use other TLDs.

It is much more difficult to steal a Canadian domain, which means your asset and brand are very much protected. Even when you miss the renewal deadline, you still have days to reacquire the domain name of your choice without having to deal with fees or other potential problems. In today’s world where brands are very important, protecting a domain name is just too important to take lightly.

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