Gardens and Parks In Athens: TOP 6 Best Green Oases

It is not a secret that Greek capital is famous of its unique antique monuments and great museums. Nevertheless, just few people know that the firs in the world Botanic Garden was created in Athens. It happed in the 4th century B. C. Hire a car in Athens and go to see a big number of unique green oasis that helps you to contact nature far from the city noise. Greek capital offers many interesting variants to visit, including the best-visiting National Garden and not often visiting Botanic Garden at Iera Odos. Greek capital offers a lot of variants for you to find the place for rest or relaxation in a hot day.

National Garden

If you are situated in the heart of Athens, there is nothing better to have some rest than National Garden. The oasis is situated in the center of the Greek capital behind the Government Building. You can spend a couple of minutes or hours under the trees to listen to the birds singing. The garden is situated in the Roman part of the city, where the Greek emperor made a sacred garden many years ago. The garden was built by the emperor’s wife to get the name The Royal Garden. The works to form the garden took 1839-1840.

It was planted 15 000 decorative plants taken from Milan. Later, the plants were taken from Europe and North Africa and different part of Greece. Of course, the huge garden became the national heritage to be renamed into the National Garden. What a great pleasure to walk over the garden pathways and have some rest in the cozy alcove, admire the hundreds sorts of trees, bushes and other kinds of plants, birds and animals, lakes and fish.


The garden buildings are decorated with antique mosaics (mosaics of Roman villa, marble architectural elements), sun clocks and sculptures of ancient Greek celebrities. There is a playground for kids and library on the park territory. The most of trees are as old as the garden. They are natural monuments. So, the National Garden can be easily named the big green museum in the open air. The garden is free for visiting the year round.

Megaro Mousikis

The green aromatic garden offers to spend the most admirable and fresh plants at the local Palace of Music. This is not only nature but musical culture. The garden started work more than 7 years ago to be the best visiting place for summer meeting. This place attracts people of different ages to relax and have some rest from their dynamic life and city noise. This is also a favorable platform to hold scientific and educational events, including music concerts.

Speaking about the gardening, there are many ancients trees such as oaks, cork tree, acacia, magnolia. What is more, the garden plants are masterfully combined to make this place bloom the year round. You can see bay trees around the garden to protect the space from noise and dust, making it aesthetically comfortable. The garden welcomes visitors every day from 10 a.m. till the sunset.

The Parthenon

Diomidis Botanic Garden

This is one of the most popular places of our planet. It is true, the most of locals know nothing about it. Nevertheless, the biggest Botanic Garden of the East part of Mediterranean world is situated 8 kilometers far from the center of Athens. It attracts people from all over the world as cultural and historical object. This is also a unique sample of ancient planning and gardening.

The garden consists of natural ecosystems (flowers, forests, gardens) with more than 3000 sorts of plants, including endemical. One of them is historical sector. This unique part includes plants that were mentioned in the antique texts like Ferula Communis or Conium Maculatum. It is really exciting to see them all with your own eyes. The garden is free for visiting every day, day by day. The central entrance is located from the side of Iera Odos 403. It is comfortable to get there by bus or car.

Curved Path

Alsos at Nea Smirni

The elegant green oasis is situated in the South part of the city region Nea Smyrni. It was created in the 20th of the last century. The park is free to excess, especially, for jogging enthusiasts and sportsmen. This is a favorable platform for cultural musical and theatre performances in summer. This is one of the biggest green areas in the city. The square of it is 50 000 square meters. There is playground for kids with fountain and clear water.

Antonis Tritsis Ecology Park

The park is situated on the territory of 120 hectares. This territory was bought by the Royal family in 1848 to make a big farm here. It is easy to get by car or public transport. The park is located between different municipal corporations to be the only one ecology park with water basin in it. There are 6 water basins in the park that are sweet home for 177 kinds of birds. The flora and fauna are rich. There is also a horse farm, reptiles exhibition, ecology book shop, library, churches and street theatre. The guests can go through the park by bicycle or on foot to have some rest ion at the playground.

You may have a picnic in the park. There are many walking routs to visit one of numerous educational programs.


Akadimia Platonos Archeology Park

This is the last point of your travelling. This is a unique place that is combination of nature and antique history. This is the park of archeology. Akadimia Platonos is that particular academy that was founded by the great Platon in 387 B.C. This is also the park, where philosophers gathered together for their discussions. What can you see?

The park territory offers to see building ruins, green forests, bushes, sport grounds, playgrounds. There is a museum to learn about the life and work of ancient philosophers. This park is good resting area for guests and locals. The entrance is free.

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