Vegetarian Greece: Best Restaurants, Cafes and Bars For Vegans

Greece is famous of its cuisine. It is rich and various. Vegetarianism appeared in Greece many years ago. Such prominent philosophers as Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato and Diohenes kept vegetarian diet, thinking of their prominent works. Mediterranean cuisine contains fish, seafood and meat. What are you going to eat in Greece if you are vegetarian? First of all, do not worry! You should hire a car in Athens and drive in search of your favorite food. You know, Greek salad and olives is not enough for dinner. You can try vegetarian cheese and tofu and other traditional vegetarian dishes. Go ahead!

Cartwheel Salad


Trivoli Vegan Kafeneio

This vegetarian restaurant-bar offers to try tasty burgers with vegan cheese, vegetarian pasta and coffee with coco milk. The restaurant is situated in the region of Ilioupoli.

500 Miles Away

The second popular vegetarian restaurant in Athens is impressive rock-bar with the strange name 500 Miles Away. You are offered pizza, burgers, coffee and wine.


Meet one of many different vegetarian establishments in Athens! The menu includes a big variety of snacks, sandwiches, fresh bread, cakes, smoothie and juices. It is situated in the center of the city 10 minutes walking form the central station.

Baba Ghanoush Falafel Shop

This is a small but cozy vegetarian restaurant, where you can try popular falafel in pita, vegetarian soups, salads and home-made lemonades. The restaurant is situated close to the central square.

Enjoy Just Falafel

The next place that attracts you with juicy falafel is Just Falafel. This is your chance to sit in the cafe with the cup of tea or coffee or fresh juice. You can also order something to take away. The cafe is comfortably situated close to Victoria station.


Do you like live music in the evening, home-made cake, broccoli soup, pasta with saffron and sea plants dishes? You can find all these tasty things in a cozy cafe-bar Rosebud. It is situated in the center of the city close to Panepistimio station.


Never miss visiting raw food restaurant in the south of Athens. The name of the restaurant is strange and funny – Yi. If you like healthy diet, you can order tasty salad, pizza, vegetarian pie, juice, cocktails and sweets. The interior is country, plain and simple. Moreover, the cafe is situated on the beach to be interesting and romantic place for dinner.


There is a vegetarian restaurant not far from Acropolis station. This is a new fast food restaurant of vegetarian products. Choose: falafel, burgers, cocktails, vegetarian pies and salads – this is a base of vegetarian menu.

Veggie Ramen @ Ippudo @ Saint-Germain-des-Près @ Paris


Falafel House

The second big city in Greece is Saloniki. Of course, it is smaller than Athens. There are two vegetarian restaurants in Saloniki. Falafel House is placed not far from the Aristotle University. You can try falafel, burgers and salads with bulgur, parsley and hummus.


Welcome to the cozy quiet cafe that is situated in the center of the city near the Aristotle Square. The menu includes standard vegetarian snacks, burgers, pasta, risotto, soups, desserts and drinks. The food in the restaurant is tasty, but not cheap. This is not the place for every-day meal with the limited budget.


Farmout Vitamin Bar

If you are going to spend a day or two in Cephalonia Island, never forget to visit vegetarian and organic shop-bar Farmout Vitamin Bar. Of course, it is not only for vegetarians, but for everyone, who take care of their health by keeping healthy diet. What can you find there? You are offered to try fresh smoothie, juice, baked vegetables and fruits, gluten-free food and organic cosmetics.



The biggest island of Greece boasts with vegetarian dishes. Welcome to Ifigenia! You can try different snacks, falafel, traditional dishes from Crete, including dill pie.

To Stachi-Wheat

The second interesting place for vegetarian dinner is Stachi-Wheat. This is a place to try traditional Greek pie and pizza and enjoy the beauty of the sea view.

Falafel made at Sophie's parents' restaurant!

The Third Eye

The third vegetarian restaurant is situated not far from the beautiful Palaiochora beach. The restaurant welcomes not only vegetarians but different people with different preferences. You are recommended to try something exotic: curry, salads, pasta, Greek salad and Asian dishes that are usually made of organic products. There is a pleasant music everywhere. By the way, if you want to have some rest and stay here for the whole night, you are offered to hire a room upstairs. There is always an opportunity to hire apartments with air conditioner, refrigerator and balcony for cheap. In short, this is the place, where you can spend a little money for shopping and hosteling.


To Marouli

Meet one of many picturesque restaurants in Rhodes. You will never be hungry! This vegetarian cafe is popular family place, offering tasty dinners, take-away dishes, vegan pastry, sweets and many other things.


Falafel Land

If you decided to spend time in Santorini, you are lucky man. If you are vegetarian, you are twice lucky! There are two interesting cafes in the island. Falafel Land is famous of its vegetable salads, soups, falafel dishes. It is situated in the center of the city at the main square.

Navy’s Restaurant

If you want to eat tasty dinner in the open air – welcome to the seafood restaurant. Navy’s Restaurant takes you to the world of bright sun and great philosophers. This is a place of different tastes and preferences. What about fresh bread and hot soup? Never forget about smoothie?

Vegetarian Pizza - Paesano

Lemon Tree Garden

This amazing restaurant is also worth visiting. It is places inside the beautiful Venetian villa. This place is decorated with lemon trees. It is nice and comfortable. What about the menu? The restaurant cuisine is based on traditional Crete dishes. What a big pleasure to sit in the lemon garden and taste old-recipe dishes. Of course, all of them are made of vegetables, olive oil. You can choose something traditional or modern. The restaurant works from the morning till night.

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