What Are The Most Common Types Of Rugs?

What Are The Most Common Types Of Rugs?

Decorating a room can be fun. This is very true when considering rugs for your home, particularly area rugs. They can add color to a room in a big way. There are lots of different types of rugs. Maybe you’re considering Moroccan rug styles. But let’s take a look at the following five (5) types of rugs to help you determine the right choice for you:


Wool is an amazing material, and no wonder. It is the material most commonly used in weaving rugs. It is durable, repels water and stains. It can also serve as an insulator, feels good when you walk on it, and it’s warm.

If you’re considering a wool rug, make sure you’re not putting it where there is moisture or humidity, as wool absorbs it. If you’re not worried about it losing its color, then it won’t bother you that it will fade over time. It has also been known to shed at first, but that does taper off after a while.

Choosing the right room to put a wool rug in might be tough as well. It is recommended to put a wool rug in either the living room, dining room or other areas where there may be quite a bit of traffic.


Soft and glowing, silk rugs are about as luxury as you can get. If you’re on a budget then this rug is probably not for you. This is not a rug you can vacuum or steam clean. You need to take it to the cleaners. You might have guessed already, but this is definitely not a high-traffic rug either.

Since they are a high-end rug, you probably would have a hard time finding it anyway, adding more to its already high price.


Cotton has a couple advantages over wool and silk. One, it’s less expensive. Two, you can clean cotton easier. However, after a while it doesn’t wear as good as when it began.

It is recommended for high traffic areas. Being that it’s less expensive to begin with, it would be easy and inexpensive to replace.

Animal skins

Animal skin rugs, also called hide rugs, are still great conversation pieces. In addition to hides, stitch-paneling and tanned leather strips can be turned into a unique rug.

Some advantages of animal skin rugs include relative ease of cleaning, as well as being soft and tough at the same time. If you are putting an animal rug in your home, keep it away from dampness and humidity. And it is recommended for areas of low traffic.


Synthetics are man-made, designed to emulate fibers found in nature. Woven into a rug, they become quite versatile. Synthetic rugs clean easy, are unaffected by moisture, and some types can serve well outside.

These properties make synthetics desirable since they can be used just about anywhere in the house, even where there’s a lot of traffic.

So after considering these five types of rug materials, which one is for you? It might still be hard to choose, but if you need any help, talk to an expert.

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