How To Experience New York The Right Way

How To Experience New York The Right Way

Heading to New York City is a tourist’s dream. There are simply hundreds and hundreds of different things to do and see. However, most tourists have similar ideas and this leads to certain things and places being very busy and expensive.

There is something to be said for exploring New York City like a local and making sure you experience the city in the absolute best way possible. With that in mind, here are some things you should definitely want to do if you want to experience New York City the right way!

Check Out Some Food Trucks

New York City is one of the biggest hot spots for delicious food on the entire planet. There is an endless supply of different places to experience food from all over the world. However, the best and most popular places are a nightmare to get in and can often be expensive.

Instead of heading to a restaurant, however, you should consider checking out their food trucks. While it is more popular in Los Angeles, New York City has many delicious and unique food trucks that are worth checking out on your next trip to the Big Apple. These are often less busy, more affordable, but just as good!

See A Live Event

Sure, going to bars and nightclubs is a fun enough time, but checking out a live show is the real best way to spend a night or evening in New York City. On any given night, you have many options for a show you want to see.

Concerts, comedy acts, plays and more are always on display in New York, and while many of them will be busy and expensive, they are worth it. For example, checking out a show on Broadway is on the bucket lists of many people and is well worth the price of admission. On the other hand, some shows are cheap or even free and they can end up being some of your most treasured memories.

Use Public Transportation

Sure, New Yorkers love to walk and sometimes it can be the quickest way to get around, but walking all day can be taxing. Instead, you should look into taking public transportation. There are plenty of New York tour bus packages and other options to make sure you can get around quickly and easily.

Also, driving a car in New York will take you a long time and even getting a cab can be time consuming, not to mention costly, so if you need to go more than a few blocks and don’t want to walk, taking a bus or some other form of public transportation is definitely the way to go.

Take a Walk on the High Line

While millions and millions of people visit the High Line every year, it is worth the large crowds and commotion. The High Line is an elevated park and walkway in New York City that is on a former railway spur.

While it is definitely more popular in the summer thanks to the greenery and the gorgeous weather, winter is an underrated time to visit the High Line. It will give you a unique look at Manhattan and it is pretty cool that they managed to create a park right in the heart of New York, above the streets.

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