Who Can Challenge The Kansas City Chiefs Next Season?

Who Can Challenge The Kansas City Chiefs Next Season?

To say that the 2019/20 NFL season was exciting is an understatement. The whole season delivered its usual high-octane thrills, and this culminated in a spectacular Super Bowl in Miami. The game itself was a great watch and showcased everything that people love about football. While many people may have backed the 49ers after a while via the online Sugarhouse sportsbook, it was actually the Kansas City Chiefs who came back in the 4th quarter to take the title.

This was merely a continuation of the fine form Kansas had shown all season and confirmed their status as a topside in the world of sports. This has led many people to suspect a real dynasty has started in Kansas which may last for several years. Patrick Mahomes is undoubtedly the main man for them as he demonstrated all season and at the Super Bowl itself. His scintillating form may even lead him to another MVP title! With him and coach Andy Reid in place, the Chiefs will be a tough nut to crack.

But which NFL teams will provide the toughest competition next season?

Baltimore Ravens

In the hype of how Kansas performed post-season, it is easy to forget that the Baltimore Ravens were on fire until they lost against Tennessee. There seems to be little doubt that the Ravens will be back again to push the Chiefs in 2020/21 and they will be eager to make Super Bowl history of their own. Everyone remembers how awesome Lamar Jackson was for them during the season just gone and if he stays in the same form, Baltimore have a real chance.

As well as this, the Ravens have $26.6m in salary cap room which is more than Kansas have to play with for next year. This could see the Ravens strengthen better in the off-season and come back with even more firepower to mount a challenge.

New England Patriots

Another team who Kansas will fear in 2020/21 is the Patriots. They had a decent enough year with a record of 12-4 in the regular season and only fell to a rejuvenated Tennessee Titans in the playoffs. Of course, the doubts over Tom Brady’s future must be mentioned here but it is expected that the Patriots will mount a challenge with or without him.

The real key to next season for New England is coach Bill Belichick staying to guide them through another campaign. His experience will keep the Chiefs on their toes. Belichick is sure to bring in a top performer, if Brady does not continue, and will have the know-how to get the most from them. With good work in the off-season to improve their offense, the Patriots could be dangerous. 

Houston Texans

The Texans just about edged the AFC South last year with a 10-6 record. While this may not be anything to write home about, many think they could build on this to have a very good 2020/21 campaign. The major reason behind this thinking is star QB DeShaun Watson. Like Mahomes at Kansas, Watson is a young player with awesome talent and potential. He reads the game well, passes like a dream and has an air of unpredictability which is alarming for opponents.

If Texas can protect him more next year and give him more offensive weapons to throw to, they could really fly. The only negative may be blowing a big lead in last year’s playoffs to the Chiefs which could haunt them mentally. They also have some work to do on their roster. That could prove tricky with no first or third round picks in the upcoming draft.

San Francisco 49ers

A final team we expect to have a special year next time around is the one that lost this year’s Super Bowl! There is no doubt that this defeat has left the San Francisco 49ers chomping at the bit to make it right next season and to challenge Kansas. The other good news for 49ers fans is that many of the same players who did so well in 2019/20 will also be back along with the majority of the same coaching staff. This will give the side a togetherness and familiarity to rely on next season. Coach Kyle Shanahan is still one of the best offensive minds in NFL and with him to guide them, and a few sensible acquisitions in the off-season, they should be up there again.

NFL 2020/21 will be exciting

Although it seems a little early to be talking about next year’s NFL with this season only just finished, it is worth it. Looking ahead will not only give fans something to do during the off-season but also be fully prepared when the next campaign starts. While it may seem that Kansas coulddominate again, the teams above may not be inclined to agree.

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