Does Your SEO Need A Professional Audit?

Does Your SEO Need A Professional Audit?

SEO is a big part of marketing, and it is constantly evolving and changing. The initial creation of this marketing tool came from a need for a way to reach customers online. Marketers realized that by using keywords in content, users could search for those keywords and then come upon the content that you put online. Whether that is a blog, article, press release, or even just a social media post, it’s going to give the user the information and solutions that he needs, regardless of what he has in mind.

Of course, SEO has changed a lot over the years, including a completely new set of guidelines and best practices that every business needs to follow when it comes to online marketing. Being aware of the changes taking place is critical to your success with SEO over time. That way, you can make changes, update your content, and ensure that you are poised for the best chances of success, no matter what business you are trying to market.

Find and Fix Issues with SEO

Do you ever review your current content and marketing media to verify the keywords used or update keywords based on new research? An audit of your existing SEO might actually lead to a lot of potential improvements and changes that will be easy to make, but that you might not have known existed. Working with a professional SEO company will provide the best audit results, including opportunities for improvement and changes that need to be made.

Does Your SEO Need A Professional Audit?

Think of an SEO audit like an oil change that you get done on your car. It’s a regular maintenance tool that extends the life of your automobile. Likewise, audits extend the life of your SEO campaigns and marketing success. You should make sure that you are current with algorithms and search engine guidelines, and that your website is free of errors. Other elements you can check with a proper audit include:

  • Outdated Content

  • Invalid Links/Broken Links

  • Website Errors/ 404 Pages

  • Titles, Meta Tags, Image Tags

  • Website/Webmaster Guidelines

  • Search Engine Metrics

While there are many helpful tools that will make an audit easier, any SEO company will tell you that Google really has everything that you need. Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are two features that will help you with mass-editing of your content for SEO and search purposes. You will be able to gather data about visitors to the site, content on the site, and the optimization level and whether it needs improved.

The Bottom Line

While you can review your SEO as it stands on your own, it’s always helpful to get the assistance of SEO companies. They are trained in online marketing and SEO, giving them the best tools for a good audit. They will be able to walk through your current search engine optimization and social media marketing tactics and help identify problem areas, areas that have room for improvement, and more.

A professional audit by an SEO company is a good way to check to see where your company stands in the world of marketing, and to get valuable insight from industry professionals that could make your marketing plans much more successful. Regular audits are very valuable to a website or online business today, because the industry makes fast and frequent changes that you need to keep up with. What worked last month might not be good anymore. If you posted content two years ago, you might want to freshen it up so that it’s still relevant, and soon.

With a proper audit, your website’s performance will increase as a result of improved SEO that leads to more conversions and higher traffic.

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