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Digital marketing agency London is a fantastic way to boost your business online. Nowadays it is so important to ensure that you have a well-rounded marketing strategy to bring business to your door. It is very easy to find that you are prioritising one over the other, but today business is conducted both online and offline so you need to make sure that you are not neglecting either side. Businesses can provide a service or goods, can be retail or consultancy, can be general or very specific. There is such a diverse range of options but one thing that all businesses have in common is that they all need clients and for that, they all need marketing. Marketing is something that is alien to many business owners, simply because their strengths lie elsewhere. Fortunately there are a number of marketing agencies London out there that can help.

So what is digital marketing? Simply put, it is marketing your business online and it encompasses many scenarios and has many benefits. One of the benefits is how instant everything is. You can decide that you want to do something today, put it in place and see the impact within the day. This allows you to try new things and pull back on what you think isn’t working knowing that you aren’t making irrevocable decisions. Another benefit with this is that you are able to control your budget in real time terms. This is fantastic if you are working with an SEO agency London and you find that you need to cut back, as you can simply amend the marketing efforts. Finally, you can get specificity with digital marketing agency London that is nigh on impossible offline. For example, it is possible to control when ads appear and where, right down to the postcode, meaning your marketing can be tailored like never before!

Choosing Between Marketing Agencies London

When it comes to online marketing, it can be tempting to try and handle it all yourself. All of us use the internet, particularly social media, and as such we can feel like we know exactly what to expect. However, there are many different aspects to digital marketing that can be combined and tweaked into a comprehensive social media strategy. One such digital marketing agency London, Abacus Marketing, has a number of options they can put in place for you. One of these is PPC, or pay per click. This is where you pay a search engine to display your ad in response to certain keyphrases, but you only pay when the ad is actually clicked on. Then there is SEO, which involves optimising your website so that it is as easy as possible for Google to categorise your site correctly, network advertising, which displays your ads on websites where your target audience may be found, and remarketing, which displays your ads to previous customers.

Abacus are a design and marketing agency London based in Chiswick Park. We are a very well-rounded choice, delivering a complete marketing consultancy service for a number of businesses. Among other things we specialise in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, dealing with marketing communications, direct marketing, website design and development, event marketing, corporate branding and exhibitions and digital marketing. We combine an incredibly high level of creativity with solid experience in strategizing. We understand what you are trying to do with your business and will be able to tailor a plan for you to ensure that you can maximise your web presence, and consequently your sales. To this end, we also supply social media marketing, SEO copywriting and many other components that help make you a success online. Much of social media marketing, for example blogging, blends into PR and so it really makes sense to have a team on board that can help you with both!

Another very important part of the Abacus offering is our values. We promise insightful strategy, powerful creativity and friendly professionalism, and we are passionate about results, very inquisitive learners and extremely ethical. We know that when you are choosing a partner for your business, be it in marketing or any other field, that the firm you are dealing with is as important as the results you see. We are committed to building great relationships with our clients and working together with you to take your business to where it wants to be. If you are thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency London, why not have a look at our website now on, or contact us, either by phone at 020 8899 6767 or via email at [email protected] We can’t wait to hear from you!

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