Making Your Place EV Ready

Making Your Place EV Ready

Do you own an EV or planning to buy a new EV in the coming future? If so, you have taken the first step towards making our environment safe and healthy for the generations to follow. Also, your efforts won’t be wasted at all. You can also reap the benefits of taking an initiative for saving mother nature as an EV does not release any harmful emissions into the environment. An EV requires minimal maintenance, and also when you drive an EV you can drive in the carpool lane as well.

Now if you already have an Electric vehicle, then you have already experienced the initial hassles faced by any new owner. But if you plan to buy your first electric vehicle then you have to make sure you are ready for it. For I’m pretty much sure you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out your next move beside your chargeless vehicle.

Making Your Place EV Ready

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before you start. What type of an EV are you planning to purchase? Is my garage layout optimum for an EV? Most of the EV plug-ins use the standard J1772 plug. So, instead of bothering yourself over it, the thing that needs your attention is your car’s onboard charging.

If you are looking for an onboard battery charger for a chevy volt or Prius or any other hybrid vehicle, then a 3 kW air/liquid battery charger with an 112-225 VDC will be ideal. However, if you intend to buy a fully electric vehicle, then I would recommend that you opt for a 6.6KW liquid cooled charger with a 225-450 VDC.

Also, a thing to note is that these EV chargers are available in various cord lengths. So, if you have a large garage or the power socket in your garage is far away from where you intend to park your vehicle, then it is advisable to buy the cord accordingly. Also, when you measure the distance, buy a charging cord that is at least a couple of feet longer than the measured distance. In future if you intend to go out on a long drive or visit your family or friend for the weekend then you can buy a cable kit for your charging needs.

Also, it will be beneficial for your company or team if you can convince your employer or co-employees to take up the Workplace Charging Challenge. It is an initiative by the DOE(U.S Dept. of Energy).It is open to every corporation irrespective of their size and field of job, if they provide a workplace charging station.

Making Your Place EV Ready

All your employer/co-employees needs to do is pledge and join the Workplace Charging Challenge. Via this initiative, the U.S Dept. of Energy helps install EV charging stations for all employees with an EV. It is beneficial for everyone in the corporation. As the employees reduce their cost of commutation, and develop more respect and faith towards the organization. The employer experiences corporate leadership, employee incentive and long-term sustainability to your business in terms of reputation and employee retention rate.

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