Potential Dangers of Eating Out Regularly

We can’t always proudly say that our last meal was healthy and nutritionally balanced. In the modern life, it is difficult to avoid eating fast food and we could consume it least once a month. In general, our body could function properly only if it gets the proper assortment of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and good fats. It is also important to make sure that we get fresh vegetables and fruits; instead of frozen or processed ones. Unfortunately, many people are no longer able to prepare meals from fresh ingredients in their kitchen. Although, cooking meals from scratch can be affordable, this will take too much time and effort.

People who regularly consume fast food could start to experience some inconveniences, such as feeling heavier in the head, gastrointestinal problems, steady weight gain and overall sluggishness. This could be mild symptoms; but it means that our body is telling us that we are not eating in a good way. If we continue to do this, critical illnesses could develop and we may harm our health. Bad fats and cholesterol are not the only bad things that we get from eating out. Food poisoning could happen on some people, if they consume food from unhealthy sources. Any doctor would agree that many diseases are actually caused by poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Children are particularly vulnerable to the temptation of eating too much fast food. For growing children, it is important for them to have balanced body weight. Slightly overweight children could develop into obese adults. Poor diet during younger age could also increase the risk of breast cancer during adulthood.

If we have consumed something bad, we may have diarrhea and vomiting. In this case, it is important for us to obtain professional advices. Dehydration can happen when we have food poisoning. This kind of illness has prominent symptoms and it is important for us to report the incident. The first aid kit should contain some packets of activated charcoal. It has a special binding property that can absorb bad chemicals and elements. There is a story of a French chemist who ingested 150 times the minimum lethal dose of arsenic without ill effects. It was possible because the arsenic was mixed with activated charcoal.

In World War I, charcoal activated is used for gas masks and in modern protective masks, it is still used to shield us against harmful chemical gas. Activated charcoal has many tiny cavities and chambers that can bind up and trap unwanted gas and materials. For easy consumption, we may also choose activated charcoal that is sold as capsules. They can be brought during a trip. If we are travelling in a risky area, we should also consume daily probiotic supplement, so friendly bacteria are available in sufficient quantity to quickly overwhelm bad bacteria introduced by contaminated food.

Fortunately, there are some restaurants that are aimed for consumers who want healthy food. To be safe, we could choose vegan restaurants when we don’t have the time to cook at home. Although they don’t always guarantee healthy food, we could get much better chance by eating vegetarian diet.

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