Advantages Of Practicing Yoga As A Couple

Advantages Of Practicing Yoga As A Couple

Practicing yoga as a couple is a way to exercise in this discipline and gain greater flexibility, strength and also strengthen the personal bond.

We’ve all ever heard about the benefits Yoga brings health, composed of a set of natural techniques comprising different stretching postures, as well as increased respiratory amplitude and various relaxation techniques that give the body more flexibility, vitality and balance.

When Yoga is practiced in couples is added to the basic benefits derivatives body contact collaboratively produced by both people made to carry out the task, being also a way of fostering positive relations with partner, it is also an element motivating and fun.

The positions where the Yoga is based on business are within hatha yoga but made by two people who ultimately perform the same asana or posture that complement, generating a power transmission.

Yoga as a couple can practice with a person of the opposite sex or with one of the same sex and need not exist between them a relationship or friendship, especially when practiced in the gym, since the idea is to perform a routine synchronizing breathing and body positions, which ultimately are the exercises.

Advantages Of Practicing Yoga As A Couple

Two phases exist in performing the asanas in yoga partner, one that is dynamic and the other is static. In the dynamic phase is part of an initial position with the partner and slowly come to a static or maintaining posture for a specified amount of breaths fifteen seconds to two minutes.

Also, in each asana Yoga partner must be completed between the two people through counter-positions, for example if a column flexion should be performed after a healthy extension.

Above all things when practiced Yoga couple must always trust the partner and find that the body contact becomes something comforting providing security to both, being necessary to further synchronize breathing finding a middle ground and practicing breath control or pranayama.

Basic Postures to Practice Yoga as a Couple

  • Full Moon Pose
  • Double Tree Pose
  • Position of the table
  • Cobra Pose ascending
  • Double shavasana
  • Position of the double chair
  • Double Dancer Pose
  • Double Dog Pose
  • Posture twin souls
  • Posture double wishbone
  • Double twist standing posture

Yoga as a couple, a habit consists of asanas stretching, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques aware with the main objective of release and balance the body’s energy through proper execution of poses.

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