Technologies To Help In Luxury Hotels For Better Customer Service

Most of the luxury hotels these days are more likely getting ignored as the first choice while considering accommodation. The blame solely is on the poor customer service due to a large number of guests to manage. Yet, the good image can be retained back again if people the luxury hotels start incorporating the latest technologies that are designed to help improve the customer service. Or, they should update their conventional technologies that are outdated and slowing the process leading to decrease in efficiency. There are some areas of luxury hotels which can improve the efficiency by updating or incorporating technology.

Here are few tips that can help you improve:

1.Replacing conventional systems with SaaS

SaaS or software as a service (SaaS) is an on-demand software service that can be much cheaper than the expenses of maintaining an in-house IT system. SaaS system is slowly and steadily impressing the caretakers of the hospitality industry, and the hoteliers are likely to opt for this service in next as a full-fledged replacement of IT system. SaaS is an internet based service which is a cheaper replacement for a custom in-house mobile app. With a secure space online providing the latest security measures to safeguard the data, SaaS is a more suitable candidate.  

2.Integration of software systems

Luxury hotels provide a varied quantity of services starting from accommodation suites to the spa, catering services, lifestyle and beauty maintenance services. To manage all these requires different software to calculate the data, revenue, and profits, moreover, it needs a team to operate the software. And, with the variety of services, the cost of maintaining different teams might prove more expensive, minimizing the overall profit.   

3.Personalization in services

Hospitality industries are about providing personalized experiences through incorporating elements of same in their services. Personalized services have been the back support of the hospitality industry from the very beginning when the concept was introduced. Hospitality industry which relies on technology, it’s no hard guess to figure out why the guests are always looking for personalized experiences. This personalized services can be the smallest of things like a ‘thank you for choosing us’ text as soon as booking confirmation takes place, and a ‘welcome’ text as soon the guest checks in. Or it can also be a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers. The personalized element in their service can be entirely upon the budget of the hotels that they can spare on technology.      

4.Incorporate smartphones for customer service

The proliferation of mobile is something that’s not new, yet the optimization of it with a motive to provide the best in class service is new. Guests of different age from toddlers to grown up man are using mobile phones to manage their activities. Also, the guest is looking for the business like phone bills, booking confirmation, booking amount, overall bill, and other services on their mobiles. If the luxury hotels can master this, they are more likely to get better feedbacks. 

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