“10 Online Tools To Create Perfect Presentation For Scientific Conference”

   You have been seeking an opportunity to stand out from your colleagues at work. One day, your boss asks you to make a presentation to some influential people in the industry or the operations of the companies. It is the time for you to shine and show what you are capable of to others.

   Well, the first tool to use that comes to your mind is Powerpoint. It could be because you don’t know of other existing presentation tools available or simply because it is what you are familiar with using. You may not have time to look for professional scientific editing service, but your result should look professional and engaging, nevertheless.

   You may not have experience in any scientific editing companies, but you want to produce an impressive presentation. The below are tools that will help you reach your goals:

1. PowToon Studio

The PowToon Studio is easy to use even for novices. It will help you tap into your creative side as you use the numerous templates available, and combine them with special effects and even animations to produce engaging and professional presentations.


If you want to try something familiar, you should try the VISME tool. It has a similar interface to that of Powerpoint. They produce beautiful graphs and charts that you can include in your presentation to make it more dynamic. It has a drag and drop functionality and thus is easy to use.

3. Keynote

This tool has proven to be a better alternative as compared to Powerpoint. It may not have many exciting features that make it stand out, but it is easy to use. It also offers you access to beautiful and unique templates to use in your presentation. However, it may take time for you to learn how to navigate it.

4. SlideBean

Using the SlideBean tool, you will be able to choose the template that suits your needs from the variety that it offers. It could be a presentation for a business proposal or thesis presentation. It is easy to use, and you can produce beautiful displays in a shorter time, as compared to using Powerpoint.

5. Prezi

You may want to wow your audience by zooming in on a presentation, then, Prezi is the tool for you. That is its major attractive feature. It could, however, prove difficult to navigate at times and may take longer to come up with a presentation that appeals to you. You could hire science editing service for formatting and only do the presentation.

6. #Slides

It was launched in 2014 and is still fresh in the market. You can blend stunning designs with funky animations to your presentations to make it interesting and engaging. It is easy to use, and you will have a professional presentation in a matter of minutes.

7. Audacity

If you want to include clear and good audio in your presentations, this is the tool to use. First, it is free for use by anyone. It allows you to record and even edit the audio content that you would like to include and boosts your confidence during the presentation when you know everything is just how you want it to be.

8. SlideDog

It is more of a presentation player. You can use it to engage and interact with your audience by adding polls or asking feedback. It is a useful tool when targeting interactions with the intended audience.

9. Animoto

Another tool that allows you to tap into your creativity to produce neat and professional presentations. You can add video clips, photos and text to your presentation in an easy manner.

10. Fishbole.io

It is simple to use and allows users to personalize their presentations by adding a video explanation of high quality to their presentations. It works with Google Slide, Powerpoint, PDF, etc.


Logojoy lets you create a compelling logo to brand your slides and make your presentation look and feel much more professional. It’s also a lot of fun to use.


The above-listed tools will get you started in changing the appearance and impact of your presentations. Get right on it.

This article was written by Steven Randall.  Steven is a content manager and he is an amateur guest post writer. His motto is ‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there.’

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