5 Simple Tips To Prevent Unnecessary Risks In Your Home

Safety Matters

Have you considered the value of reducing risks in your home? Five simple measures can enhance your household’s safety. Prevent avoidable injuries or deaths by implementing these simple steps:

Tip One: Use Electrical Outlet Receptacle Covers

Especially if your family includes infants and toddlers, enclose electrical outlets with sturdy specially-manufactured safety covers or receptacles as a precaution. Young children sometimes attempt to play with outlets by inserting fingers, tongues or toys into the plug openings. They may also become entangled in loose cords. Today, excellent safety technology minimizes these unnecessary risks.

Tip Two: Rely on Detectors

Installing smoke alarms and or an ADT carbon monoxide detectors creates more security in the home and reduces life-threatening hazards. Make sure you keep working replacement batteries available. These useful alarms help give advanced warning about developing fires and home furnace problems.

Tip Three: Secure Heavy Items to Walls

Do you own heavy entertainment centers, cabinets, chests, dressers, bureaus or electrical gadgets which might tumble over and injure someone? Taking the time to physically secure these items to adequate supports helps prevent accidents. You may even wish to consider obtaining built-in amenities, especially if you reside in a location prone to seismic activity.

Tip Four: Store Chemicals And Medicine in Locked Cabinets

Some of the most preventable household accidents involve the accidental misuse of chemicals or medications. Always ensure these items remain in properly labeled, secure containers. Place them inside locked cabinets for storage purposes. Pets, children and even careless adults sustain injuries in residential environments when they access cleaning chemicals, pesticides or medications incorrectly. Carefully considering storage and labeling issues helps prevent heartbreaking accidents.

Tip Five: Keep Firearms in a Gun Safe

Finally, if you own firearms, always make sure you store these weapons in a secure, locked gun safe when not in use. Not only will you comply with the law, but you might prevent devastating injuries. Weapons require careful handling and storage. A heavy, strong gun safe also reduces your risk of gun thefts.

Preventing Accidents: The Best Choice

Taking steps to avoid the occurrence of an accident in the home represents a much better option than dealing with the consequences of a preventable tragedy. By using electrical outlet covers, smoke and gas detectors, secure built-in technology, locked cabinets and gun safes, you’ll minimize some unnecessary risks.

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