Can Social Media Tools Help Families Create Meal Plans?

The Internet is good for a lot of things, and in some unexpected ways. As of late, the web has even taken a seat, so to speak, at our dining room tables to help us get the most out of our family meal time. While many people are turning to the web to use convenient meal planning services, some are getting even more creative and going the social media route. Can social media tools help families create meal plans? The surprising answer is yes they can, even for those who aren’t so culinary-inclined, or even apt to keeping a calendar. Read on to learn more:

The wonder of Pinterest. Have you checked out the latest sensation in social media? If not, then you need to head over to Pinterest, pronto, and set up your meal idea board. There is perhaps no easier way to use social media than this super-convenient, visual media-based site. Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can tack images related to your interests, whether they be horseback riding or–you guessed it–meal planning.

How to use Pinterest for meal planning. Use Pinterest to create as many meal planning boards as you like. For example, your collection might include a board for crock pot meals, one for casseroles, one for quick-fixes, and one for international foods you would like to try. On your meal planning boards, you can keep a visual representation of all the foods, along with recipe cards, that you are interested in adding to your meal plan. You also can skim through other, related user pin boards on Pinterest for a treasure trove of great ideas. There are even other meal planning tools, like calendars and weekly organizers, to be found on Pinterest.

Networking your way to a family meal plan. Once you’ve learned how to navigate your way around Pinterest, it is time to school the rest of your family members in the ways of the virtual pin board. Encourage them to set up their own accounts and meal boards; that way, you can peruse through each others’ boards to share ideas and come to agreements on which recipes to add to the family meal plan and which recipes to scrap. When family meal planning is a group effort, it becomes a lot more fun . . . not to mention a lot easier.

As you can see, you can use social media to create family meal plans that work for everyone. Sign up for your free Pinterest account today, and don’t forget to get your whole family on board. And if you’re still not sure what to do? Consider starting out with emeals plans so that you can get the hang of the entire process before venturing out on your own.

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