How To Manage Your Company’s Online Reputation


Online Reputation is all about creating a positive impression of a company on the web. Management of the same involves the process of pushing unwanted, irrelevant and negative content to the bottom and promoting the positive content on the top of Google search results. These links on the Internet create a very favourable view about your company, website, products and services in the market. These promote goodwill in the market, thereby promoting the name of your company in a positive manner. This is also known as digital reputation management.

Strategies to Manage Online Reputation

This involves a few simple yet effective ways to create a positive view in the market. These steps are mentioned below-

  • Supervising the existing content of your company’s products and brands on the web. Managers keep an eye on the content created by writer such as blogs and comment on the blog. Similarly articles and press releases are also meant for the welfare of the company website.
  • Promotion of the positive content already on the web.
  • Creation of profile on social media and new content.
  • Being actively involved on the social media, including social networking sites, blogs and forums.
  • Aiding the company in positively responding to the negative reviews and perception on the social media
  • Creating positive matter that is very important for the success of your company, brand, product and service.
  • Devising tactics to make your company customer friendly, managing online customer interaction interfaces and offering relevant company information on the web.

The Internet has become a very vital part of our lives. The content that the Internet displays about you has a great impact on your reputation. Today, your reputation lies in the hand of some random people whom you don’t even know or identify.

Online reputation management services are very significant for your business. You can manage the things or content people should view about you, thus giving the control of your own image. It has a huge impact on the decision that the customer may take about going with your company’s brand. If the strategy is undertaken in a successful manner, it can impart tremendous growth to your company. But if undertaken wrongly, it could have adverse effects as well. Some of the key benefits of online reputation management are mentioned below-

  • Assist in resolving the complaints of customers positively and quickly.
  • The positive response to the complaints of the customers also indirectly portrays to the customer that the company cares about them.
  • By this tactic you can earn the trust of your customer.
  • It also enhances the online endorsement of your brand.

There are many a leading reputation management companies in India that offer the above mentioned services. They manage the perception about a corporate, company or website on the Internet based on the search engine result page and social media.  They use the same tool as Search Engine Optimization but their goal is different.

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