What Makes The City Of 3 Ancient Villages Famous?

What Makes The City Of 3 Ancient Villages Famous

Chennai is India’s fourth largest metropolis stretches 19 km along the Coromandel Coast. It is a linear city that embraces the beaches. The city has undergone a drastic change from the past decades. However, one thing that has never changed is the temples of Chennai. Formerly Chennai was known as Madras. The earlier Madras and now Chennai is different. The temples with splendid architecture, timeless rituals and joyous festival are an important part of Chennai. Besides, other eminent places to visit in Chennai, there are three great temples which are the show stoppers.

The glamorous temple and its grand complexes grab the attention of the worldwide devotees. Every year more than thousands of devotees visit the city to seek blessing from the powerful deities.

Each of the greatest temples has its own enchanting legends. Start you journey from the North of Chennai, from Parthasarathy Swamy Temple. Where Sumathi (a king or a sage) prayed to Balaji, the Lord of the Seven Hills. The lord in the dream asks him to go to Brindaranyam where he is originated as Venkatakrishnan. The temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams. During the festive season, the temple is well-decorated and dazzles throughout the period.

At the central of the city located Kapaleeshwar Temple. It is believed that when Brahma thought he equal to Lord Shiva because of his fifth head, Shiva cut off Brahma’s fifth head and used it as a begging bowl. Originally said to have stood on the beach of Bay ofBengal, Kapaleeshwar is an important pilgrimage site in Chennai. The oldest of the three temples is situated to the south-east of Chennai is Marundeeshwa Temple. The creation of Marundeeshwar temple is attributed to Brahma himself.

Chennai has much more to offer to the holidaying visitor. The British East India Company built the Fort St George houses in 1640. It is now turned into a museum. St Mary’s Chruch, Government Museum, San Thomas Basilica, Elliot’s Beach, Ramakrishna Math, Theosophical Society and the shopping at T Nagar are some of the major attractions of Chennai.

The city extends from north to south along the Bay of Bengal. Anna Salai and Mount Road are the main roads. To the north are the Egmore and Central railway station. Tambaram station has suburban services. Anna International and Kamaraj domestic airport are situated 18 km south-west of the city.

Chennai is excellently connected by rail, road and air. Trains from the entire major railway junction are available to Chennai. Chennai to Hyderabad train is also available. This article is written on the verge of #Chennaiflood. The city is slowly recovering from this unfortunate incident. Chennai is a unique city with a pleasant charm. It is a request to the travellers to visit the place and appreciate the prominent attractions. Do, help the needy as much as you can. Chennai is one of the prides of the country and the dwellers need support from the country. So, this weekend takes a train to Chennai and plan for a special exploration.

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