Laser Hair Removal VS Waxing: Which Is Better

Removal of unwanted body hair is the ultimate goal of appearance-conscious adults. Of course, there is no denying that getting rid of body hair makes your skin sleek and lazy looking. There was a time when it used to be sought after cosmetic concern amongst women, but men today are not lagging behind in grooming themselves by resorting to hair removal.

Hair Removal
Hair Removal


But almost everyone faces the dilemma regarding which one to choose, laser hair removal or waxing? In order to guide answer seekers like you, this write up will elucidate a comparison between these two methods available in the cosmetic industry.

The range of pain inflicted

Hair removal by laser does not take place in haste instead it is conducted through several sessions. This aspect ensures that no unbearable pain is inflicted on a person undergoing the treatment. It causes just prick feeling which is quite bearable.

On the other hand, waxing demands a great deal of pain tolerance. As it removes larger hair amount in one go, waxing can be too harsh on your body. In some cases, bleeding and swelling of body pores form the common sights as the aftermath of a waxing session.

Nature of the procedures

Although the name suggests it to be a removal procedure, laser hair removal is more like a treatment. You have to be patient in order to attend all the prescribed sessions in order to see long-term and permanent results. However, waxing is quite an instant answer to your current hair removal needs. It might be a viable option in case of urgency but if you are looking for an enduring result waxing removal procedure is not the best option.

The rate of hair regrowth

After you have attended the first two to three laser sessions, you will begin noticing a change in your hair re-growth pattern. It appears patchier and thinner. And on attending a few more sessions, you will observe complete and successful removal of body hair. As far as waxing is concerned, it produces no permanent result whatsoever. Rather, its instant and clean hair removal magic stay for at most four weeks, after which the hair grows back with thicker and denser appearance.


It is true that laser hair removal is expensive. But what people fail to understand is that this treatment saves them from making lifelong trips to the parlour. Availing waxing services for your entire life from a salon will cost you no less but equal to more than some really productive sessions of laser removal. With little patience, a long-lasting result that is going to be worth the price you are paying for it.

The comparison has been presented before you in the above discussion. Now it is your turn to decide the best choice for yourself.

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