5 Undiscovered Beaches In Europe That Will Leave You Mesmerized

5 Undiscovered Beaches In Europe That Will Leave You Mesmerized

What is your idea of a perfect beach holiday? Getting shovelled in a crowded space or running to leave your beach towel to secure your favourite spot? How about waking up in a tranquil environment devoid of tourists; a stretch with virgin water and sand? Get ready to kiss the first rays of the sun as they strike against the fine sand of some of the best, yet relatively unknown, beaches of Europe.

Reynisfjara in Iceland

Think of a beach with a difference. The unique differentiator of this beach is its black sand from cooled lava. Enjoy the contrasting hues of the black and blues and click pictures lying on the dark background of the non-tropical beach. Laying close to the Viki i Mydral fishing village, the beach boasts the most breath-taking panoramic views of its basalt stacks and fresh waters alike.

Isola Bella in Italy

Literally translating to beautiful beach, this ornate North Italian beach is a part of the Borromean Islands of Lago Maggiore. Cure your lust for the most perfect blend of baroque and architectural greens. Enjoy a day of snorkelling and swimming in seclusion and make the most of the natural chant that this piece of utopia has to offer.

5 Undiscovered Beaches In Europe That Will Leave You Mesmerized

Bil Bil Beach in Spain

When you think of unwinding in a Spaniard beach, close your eyes and think of a beach in Benalmadena at the Costa del Sol. The Bil Bil Beach is one such beautiful beach that offers something different from the norm – a red castle. Lying close to the La Marina port, it makes for an ideal family holiday spot. Relax and unwind in a calm environment, stroll along the promenade and take an exterior tour of the castle which is otherwise more like a community hall for functions these days.

Marathonisi in Zakynthos

Marathonisi offers a blissful getaway close to Laguna Bay. The irony lies in the fact that the beach seems to be shaped like a turtle while housing these magnificent creatures at the same time, thus referred to as Turtle Island. Indulge in a once in a lifetime experience – watch the turtles lay eggs and spot the hatchlings. To top it up, you can snorkel along the vivid shores or simply head to the sea caves for some adventure.

5 Undiscovered Beaches In Europe That Will Leave You Mesmerized

Ploumanac’h in France:

Ploumanac’h lies on the Brittany coastline of Northern France. This divine port serves as a natural harbour. It offers ideal spots for sunbathing, un-crowded vibes of the lighthouse, coastal paths, and some of the best holiday resorts of Europe. One of the most note-worthy patterns of this beach are its peculiar rock formations. Enjoy a few days of its pink granite rocks and a quiet time watching the docking-undocking of ships.

As you can see, these beaches exude anything but touristy vibes. If you’re looking for a perfectly relaxing holiday, these 5 beaches ought to be on your list this year or the next. If you are looking to book a holiday for next summer, see here for inspiration and deals.

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