Famous Sicilian Wineries and Vineyards To Visit

Raw and epic, exciting and unpredictable, beautiful and tragic, Sicily seems to provide its very heart to the guest, presenting an impact that drifts in not only the brain, but also the bloodstream. More than colorful fish markets, stunning beaches, Greek temples and fun loving people, Sicily is swiftly becoming Italy’s finest food-and-wine stop.

A modern era of innovative chefs is reworking and revisiting their secret process, and a latest band is lastly realizing the ecological potential of the island.

Azienda Vinicola Minardi

azienda vinicola nel chianti

Azienda Vinicola Minardi is an ideal space to buy, taste and talk about the regional wine. The Passito wine and Leukos white wine are both crafted from the enticing Zibibbo grape. You will only get this tempting Zibibbo grape on Pantelleria Island. Today Azienda Vinicola Minardi is exclusively placed in an industry range of high standard products and the demand for its wines is firmly increasing. This is primarily due to the standard of its wines, recognized all across the Italy and overseas, and authenticated by several awards provided by the most vital events.


cantine donnafugata

Donnafugata is the famous wine brand has been the masterpiece of the Rallo family since established. In their famous cellars counting back till 1851 and Contessa Entellina wineyards in the soul of Sicily, the term, which compiles ‘woman in battle’ exclusively drives back to Queen Maria Carolina departing from Napoleon to the space where wineyards now stand.

It was professional author Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa who provided the name of Donnafugata. Liable for spectacular varieties for the climate, soil, and elevations they sprout at, the vineyard pleas a noted and acclaimed repertory.

Cantine Pellegrino

Cantine Pellegrino

Our years of experience have always been mentored by the prominence of our objective: to never isolate our personal ambitions of development from the organization’s development. Thus the Cantine Pellegrino, established in 1880 by Paolo Pellegrino, a passionate winegrower, can now express of being one of the most important and prosperous wine industries, developed under the constant management of professionals.

Gambino Winery

Gambino Winery - Sicily - June 17, 2014

Huddled on a cramped island of Sicily is a unique gem known as Gambino Winery. Settled on the side of Mt. Etna- an active volcano and the Mediterranean Sea where the soil conditions and climate are ideal for establishing exceptional wines. Gambino Winery is an exceptional vineyard with wines you will purchase several times over and over!

Benanti Winery

Mount Etna and the Benanti Winery

Benanti wines originate from their knowledge and experience in the attentive, cellar experience of the Sicilian territory, prosperous in soils and climates, and from a capability and willingness to attempt with other non-endemic vines. Different communities and distinct vines are professionally combined in these wines. Our wines have a firm character and carry the passion and culture of the family, always moved by respect for the terroir, places and old “palmenti”. This excitement, after exposing the marvels of the Etnean sector, has mentored them to then Pachino and Pantelleria.

In case you decide to visit a few Sicilian wineries, you can easily rent a car in Catania (having someone, who can stay sober and drive is strongly recommended). There is plenty to acknowlede being the place of agricultural profusion and is the colossal producer of wine by quality and volume. Wine has been an ultimate segment of Sicilian life for over 3,000 years.

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