Top 8 Tourist Attraction Sights To See In South Australia

Top 8 Tourist Attraction Sights To See In South Australia

Excitement adventure is one of the few things you sign up for when you take up an Australian visa so as to visit and spend your holiday at in South Australia. The countries beautiful terrace and variety of wild rare animals have made it a tourist hub. It’s the perfect place to visit to get that serene feeling and peace as an individual as a family. Below are some of the few things worth seeing in South Australia.


This is one place to start in South Australia. It’s a city bust with activity. The parks and gardens that surround the CBD are a perfect place to picnic especially in the Adelaide Botanic gardens. If this does not interest you, there is the option of visiting the South Australian Museum and Adelaide zoo that will be interesting for the whole family.

Flinders Range

This region is diverse and breathtaking, away from city castling activities. The ranges provide the perfect getaway environment to relax. Not far from there is the lovely warren gorge to get the thrill going especially for rock climbers. Also within the vicinity is the amazing view availed at the Wilpena pound that is worth visiting.

Kangaroo Island

Located two hours from Adelaide, is the kangaroo island. As the name suggests plenty of kangaroos are visibly seen in this island. Lighthouses are placed strategically at various points to enable tourists to have a thrilling experience watching the scene. Walk trails through the Flinders National park is also an option where you get to view penguins and a variety of birdlife.

Top 8 Tourist Attraction Sights To See In South Australia

Innes National Park

The landscape here is enchanting and breathtaking. The wildflowers and the variety of tree species enable you to connect with nature at its very best. The whole experience around the coastline is memorable especially when combined to with a visit to Inneston Village. Camping in the middle of animal life is both thrilling and scary leaving you yearning for more.

Mount Gambier

This is by far one of the most beautiful attractions not only in South Australia but the world. The brilliant blue lake contrast sharply, with the surroundings making it even more appealing and inviting. It provides calm surroundings and the only sound are that of water crashing on rocks. Other lakes nearby include the little blue lake and the valley lake. Nearby is also the Gambier tourist center that lets you in on its history though interactive displays.

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide hills are the perfect retreat for anyone visiting South Australia. The cascading hills and valley makes the landscape view seem virtual and unreal. This provides a nice change to get a time out and enjoy nature in another level. Not far from this is the beerenberg where you get to indulge in savory strawberries bursting with flavor to your full.

Fleurieu Peninsula

Fleurieu Peninsula is the ultimate holiday destination. Known for its wide variety of white and red wines, beaches and food, it’s the ultimate place to visit and spend time as a whole family. The options of attractions are numerous ranging from the national parks to diving at the Encounter bay.

Coorong National Park

This is one of the definite places to visit especially for serious bird watchers. The variety is diverse and superb. Observatory tracks and walking tracks are strategically placed to ensure that you get the most out of the experience. Camping is permitted however a day trip to this place will also be just as exciting.

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