Why Do Businesses Need Translation Services?


Business organisations in all sectors, regardless of their size and the products that they sell, require professional translation services when they attempt to promote and sell their wares to consumers in overseas markets, both established and emerging. There are as many reasons for this as there are translation services provided (and there are a lot of translation services provided by translation agencies the world over), some of which we’ll look at below in greater detail.

Accurate and Natural Translations are Important

It is very important to ensure that any business marketing materials translated are translated both accurately and naturally. There are many reasons for this, such as:

  • People prefer to read, watch and listen in their own native language. When business marketing materials aren’t translated accurately or properly, they’ll pick up on this and won’t be as receptive to the marketing message.

  • This is also the case if the message doesn’t read naturally. While it may be an acceptable translation, if it doesn’t read naturally the local population simply won’t accept it.

This means that it’s essential that your marketing materials are translated professionally into the local language by a qualified translator, a professional who has fluency in both the source and target languages, as well as the qualifications and experience to ensure the highest translation standards.

What Services Can I Use to Translate My Marketing Materials?

A wide range of professional translation services, from document translation to subtitling and voiceovers, is available, so whatever the materials you need translated, whether that’s your website, brochures, flyers, leaflets, videos or correspondence, can be translated into the target language. Here are some of the many translation services that your business may have need of from a professional translation agency:

  • Document translation – From correspondence to meeting minutes, whatever the business documents you need translated, it won’t be a problem finding a suitable translation expert.

  • Website translation – If you’re to successfully make inroads into a new foreign market, you’ll need a website made available to local consumers in their local language. This is essential.

  • Software localisation – Software, like business apps installed on smartphones, may need to be localised to meet the language and technical requirements of the local population.

You won’t find it difficult to source a suitable translation agency to entrust the translation of your marketing materials to, however, you need to ensure that they’re a professional agency that hires qualified translators who belong to the relevant translation associations.

What Translation Associations are Important?

There are many translation associations based around the world, so look for the most relevant one in the country and check that the translation agency you’re considering is a member. The ATC (Association of Translation Companies) is a notable one that many translation agencies are members of.

Businesses require translation services for many reasons, including localising software, translating websites to make them available in local languages and ensuring that all marketing materials are accurate and read naturally to the target audience. If you need a translator, ensure they’re qualified!

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