What Are The Qualities That A Good Career Advisor Should Have

Have you ever felt the job you are doing isn’t the right job for you? Well, finding the right job is a really difficult task. It is so difficult that people often need a professional help to figure this out.

A career coach or a career advisor is the expert who helps people in setting their goals and develops a plan to achieve them. But there are thousands of career coaches, how will help you determine which one to choose?

Research on your part

One easy way to start looking for a career coach can be through the internet. You can check what feedback people have given to them. You can also ask your friends and family members if they know any good career advisor. Asking them will surely help as their advice will always be unbiased.

Accreditation and affiliation

The world of job searching is changing constantly and it is thus important that the career advisor is updated. Accreditation and affiliations can be important criteria for selection.

Look for specialists

You should look for the career advisor who is an expert in your area of interest. The one who has the knowledge about the field you have worked in. You can ask them about their experiences too. If they have good knowledge about your area of interest, their advice will not be vague and unclear.


Check id the advisor is cooperative or not. They should be interested in everything you speak to them. Make sure they are on the same page whatever you are explaining to them. A good advisor is very good with communication skills and must be a very good listener.

It is important that you feel really comfortable with them. It is only then, that you will be able to tell all your problems and shortcomings.

Ask for a free session or counseling seminar

Many career advisors provide a free counseling session or seminars. These can be really useful to evaluate how good the advisor is. A free session can be through Skype, phone call, etc.

Do not invest your money without knowing who the advisor is. There are many advisors out there who have little or no experience. Hence a free session is very important.

Read their website

A good coach must be able to represent him/herself. If the coach is not able to express nicely, they won’t be able to help you. It is thus important to go through their website and find out how well it is designed.

The website will be covering a host of problems that people face. Find out if it has your problems too. Read the testimonials provided by their clients.

Consider going through their credentials

Know if the advisor has pursued any relevant degrees and courses. Check for their professional certifications and if the certifications hold any value. This is most important because you cannot risk your life by choosing someone who is inefficient.

Do you need to see a career coach?

If you are thinking about this, you probably need one. There are times in your life where it is hard for you to decide in which direction you should proceed. It is not wrong to take a professional help. Many times we think that the only person who can help us is we ourselves. This is true but, just the way we take help from others in different services, we can take help for career guidance as well.

Choosing a good career advisor can be little difficult, but remember, this little effort can indeed change your life.

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