Reverend Chris Oyakhilome Sponsors an Important Blood Drive for the People of Lagos

The Nigerian based minister Chris Oyakhilome decided to sponsor a huge blood drive for the people of Lagos. His church is known as Christ Embassy Church and it is one of the biggest churches in the nation of Nigeria. Reverend Chris has an international following and he is known across the globe for his Rhapsody of Realities, which are small devotionals that promote the Christian life.

On June 14, 2018 Reverend Chris will participate in World Blood Donor Day. This is a day that honors blood drives all over the world. Pastor Chris endorses this day because he understands its importance. Many people in Lagos and all over the country is expected to benefit from Pastor Chris’s efforts. He not only supports this endeavor for the people in his homeland he also endorses blood donor drives for people in Africa and other parts of the world.

Chris Embassy Church will partner with Trauma Care International Foundation to carry out this drive. Pastor Chris will help to drive people to the Nigerian based trauma center where these individuals will be processed for the drive. The Trauma Care International Foundation trains people to administer medical care when it is needed the most. When an accident happens, or people are injured from some type of violent situation; a trained person can then provide medical assistance to that individual.

Police, first responders, emergency medical service personnel, students, teachers and even caregivers have been trained with this organization. They use their knowledge to help alleviate suffering and unnecessary loss of life. This is important for the population of Lagos since anything could happen which would cause people to be injured or harmed.

Trauma Care International Foundation also tries to extend the life expectancies of the people in Nigeria. One way that they do this is by providing medical care and assistance to various medical organizations throughout the nation. The blood that will be collected from Pastor Chris’s efforts will be used to provide medical facilities with the supplies they need. Emergency surgical procedures and treatment options for various conditions typically require the use of blood.

The World Health Organization or WHO started Blood Donor Day back in 2004. This day is celebrated on June 14 in honor of Karl Landsteiner who was the first person to classify the different blood types. Blood Donor Day also informs people about the importance of blood donations and the products they make. People might not realize this, but blood and blood-based products are in short supply around the world. Many people groups suffer from the lack of adequate blood stocks.

A lot of people who experience various medical ailments in Lagos also suffer from not having enough of this product. This is another reason why the Trauma Care International Foundation teamed up with Pastor Chris. They want to take advantage of all the extra people who will be donating blood. This way they will have more than enough blood based products to help people in need. Each year Blood Donor Day has a theme. The theme for 2018 is going to encourage participants to be there for someone else and to give blood to share life. Pastor Chris is alignment with this theme.

Blood Donor Day is expected to be a huge success for Christ Embassy Church and Trauma Care International Foundation. They are busy getting the word out to people all over the large city and region. They also expect a huge turnout in the thousands. Much of this blood can be used by hospitals, medical facilities and trauma units to help people to live a good life and receive the medical treatment they need to survive. Pastor Chris is really glad that he is a part of this living saving effort.

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