Tips To Choose The Best Cushion For Sofa Upholstery

Does your old sofa look tired and outdated? Do you feel it has become hard and uncomfortable to sit on it? Then , its time for you to update it with brand new cushions with new fillings and stuffs. Its very common for an old sofa to start suffering wear and tear after years of using. What we can see is that the seat is drooping, the cushions have become unshapely, the covering is shredding, and it has become totally uncomfortable and ugly. Upgrading it can give it a brand-new appearance as well as make it a special luxury zone. But how to choose the best cushions for your old sofa. Here are a few tips to follow.

Take Your Style Decisions

Definitely you will want to give your sofa a modern stylish look which everybody appreciates, but a lot depends on the present condition of your old sofa. If your lounge has a connected back, then you can have limited options in your hand to upgrade it. A brand-new seating cushions and fabric cover for the upholstery can give your lounge an entirely different look. Go for a peppy and updated fashion, or – if you’re audacious you can consider cutting away the attached pillow at the back and replacing it with new cushions. All depends on what you want and what are your tastes and budget.

Consider the Foam Filling Options Available

The first styling choice is the all-foam cushion. It is manufactured from high-density foam set draped in a padded coating of complex (“egg crate”) foam, followed by a polyester fabric covering, each enclosed in downproof ticking. All-foam cushion will give you a very solid seat with very few wrinkles in the fabric.

Spring down cushion filling is the second option that you can consider while upgrading your sofa. It is constructed with a core of spiral springs, that is enclosed by a foam box and then covered with a heavy coating of polyester fiber. Such filling is strong and resilient. You can feel that softness and loft after upgrading it.

The third option is Down Plush, or Blendown. It is perfect for you if you simply want luxury. It is created with a dilutant foam core draped in a thickened textile of polyester fiber, and then covered in a much heavier sheet of a down and polyester-fiber mix.

Look at the Foam Quality

If you are opting for DIY ( do it yourself) sofa upgrading project with foam such as replacing or refurbishing the existing foam cushion, or adding some new foam then you need to have a comprehensive knowledge about them and know their different types.

For instance, low density foam is the best solution for many house-owners who just want to repair their old sofa and does not give much priority to comfort. Whereas the NICE foams are long-lasting and durable. On the other hand, the high density foams are characterized by less air, superior quality, and durability.

Upgrading your sofa can increase the aesthetic appeal of your house as well as give it a brand-new appearance. So, follow the above-mentioned tips and choose the best seating cushion.

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