4 Known Benefits of Kratom

As with any other herbal remedy, it is only natural to question whether or not there really are any benefits of Kratom. When it comes to Kratomor mitragynaspeciosa, there is a long history behind using this herbal remedy in Southeast Asia. To this day, it is still one of the preferred alternative herbal medicines used throughout the area. If you have just been introduced to Kratom, here are some of the known benefits as reported by consumers from around the globe.

1. A Natural Energy Booster

With a high mitragynine content, Kratom is often used as a quick ‘pick-me-upper’ for those who need to rapidly increase their energy levels. It is said to work within 15 to 20 minutes of drinking a tea made from the herb, so it can be assumed that taking capsules or powder would work in much the same way but would take a bit longer to take effect. According to research, the Maeng Da strain gives the maximum amount of stimulation, while Thai Kratom takes second place for this particular benefit.

2. Pain Relief

One of the reasons the FDA is researching Kratom is that the alkaloids in the compound offer a similar pain-relieving benefit much like that of morphine. Although morphine is addictive, there is no definitive body of evidence proving that Kratom is habit-forming. When needed as a pain reliever, most people prefer the capsules and powders like those found on The Kratom Connection, rather than the tea. Although the tea may work faster, the half-life is also shorter, which means that you won’t get maximum benefits for as long a period of time. In other words, the capsules and powder are similar in function as a sustained release capsule.

3. Reduction of Anxiety and Depression

Long known to be a psychostimulant, Kratom is often used throughout Southeast Asia as a remedy from anxiety and depression. The reason for this is that the active compounds help the body release serotonin and endorphins which, in turn, work as mood enhancers. It is also widely used for the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, as well as for stress and the treatment of panic attacks.

4. Mood Enhancer

The mood enhancing properties of Kratom are also beneficial for those looking to strengthen focus when working or studying. This particular herbal remedy works on the opioid receptors in the brain because of the presence of 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. It has been reported by many students who use Kratom prior to a major exam that Kratom helped them maintain a “laser sharp” focus for extended periods of time.

These are just some of the other benefits you may not have heard of. While most people know that Kratom can assist in a weight loss regimen, few people understand that this is an amazing herb that can offer multiple benefits such as those mentioned above. However, it is always advisable to talk to your primary care doctor to see if this, or any other herbal compound, is safe for you to take since different people will react differently to any given substance.


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