Software That Encourages Learning and Collaboration

Robots are going to run the world and work their human slaves into the ground! Technology is an evil way of keeping people apart because we are zombies while our online personas are everything we can never be. Oh, and kids never play outside anymore like they used to.

Only that’s not how we are programmed. So it makes sense that in turn that we are driven to programme our machines and the software to be more social. No, we’re not talking robot romancing, but rather that our relationship with computers has created more ways to connect with other people than ever.

From education to task and project management software, here are two takeaways from the impact of social media and online collaboration.

It might be fair to say our kids are out of touch with nature, and also that many kids don’t enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors that we did in a time when our parents were less perturbed by minor cuts and bruises from too much roughhousing. But there is a lot of value in what the next generation can gain from being in tune with a digital universe. Remember the early days of Google when typing your search hopefully led you to a single piece of useful knowledge? Now the information is there – kids have their fingers on encyclopedias, videos and video games, all packed with information.

Of course there are risks involved in sorting through such a wealth of information – it’s our responsibility to help show our children good information from bad and that can be quite a tricky endeavor – even for us adults. What online collaboration platforms offer educators is the opportunity to reach children in communities all over the world, and even those far reaches that we may never be able to visit. The internet has the potential to be an incredible learning tool our generation didn’t have access to.

Project management platforms are driving business towards this same kind of collaboration El Dorado, where remoteness is no barrier to cooperation. Teams of employees can collaborate on projects with people from other sectors, other industries, other continents.

There’s a lot to be said for technology that has brought us closer together rather than isolating us. We are at the helm, robots won’t enslave us – in fact they might even make it easier for us to be close to friends and family.

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