The Importance of Having Fuel Efficiency

Gasoline is an energy-packed liquid and it’s quite potent. Gasoline is more practical to use than coal and less flammable than natural gas. There’s no argument that gasoline is technically the best way to provide power for our car, based on current situations. Although the price of gasoline is fluctuating, it’s still relatively affordable than some energy sources. Major petroleum companies have vested interests in ensuring that gasoline stays as the primary to provide fuel for our cars and other vehicles. They tend to oppose any effort that may harm their profits and overall sales. There’s a continuing concern about how gasoline and other fossil fuel could harm the environment. By burning gasoling continuously, we may not do our future generation any good. The threat of climate change is very real and it’s largely caused by global warming and greenhouse gasses that prevent some of the heat to escape the atmosphere into the outer space. Because gasoline is still irreplaceable, products available in the market is often aimed to increase the efficiency of combustion process.

The most sensible thing to do is to increase the potency of the gasoline. With improved mileage, our car will have much lower emission. The answer to any offer for improving fuel efficiency is a resounding yes. However, we should make sure that these systems could really provide us with the promised benefits. Some of the fuel efficiency methods are not new and could be based on early 20th century technology. As an example, mechanics for WW2 fighter planes implement hydrogen injection to high powered engines. Due to the limited fuel tank capacity, military forces need to increase the range of fighters with the same amount of fuel. We should know that although fuel-air mixture burns quickly, it can be highly inefficient due to a number reasons. When the burning process is inefficient, more dirty gas and carbon is produced. A small amount of fuel vapor could also be left unburnt and released into the air. When it happens, our car engine is unable to deliver highest possible level of performance.

Efficiency can be achieved when gas is burned when the engine reaches an optimum point. As an example, car engines at higher RPM are not the most efficient. When the engine is not efficient, excess gas will be released into the atmosphere. Dirty burning process releases gases that cause climate changes. Because many cars are not efficient, there’s demand for system that can improve efficiency. We may achieve efficiency by making air fuel mixture to burn more slowly. Any configuration that we choose should be able to improve the overall efficiency and performance. Any factor that negatively affects the performance and efficiency of our car engine should be eliminated. This is often the best way to increase the efficiency of our car. When we choose a solution, it is important to make sure that it’s not more expensive than the cost saved by the higher fuel efficiency. This will negate the benefits of having more efficient cars.

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