Stylish Sarees Add Glamor For Every Different Occasion

Stylish Sarees
Stylish Sarees

Saree-a piece of cloth about 6 meters long and about 1.25 meters wide is the most popular attire of Indian ladies. It is considered as a symbol of tradition and culture. Sarees are woven in handlooms, powerlooms or textile mills.

Stylish Sarees Add Glamor For Every Different Occasion

Types of Sarees

Materials used in sarees- Sarees are made of fabric of different materials like cotton, silk, polyester, muga, tussar, jute, etc.

These are preferred by all Indian ladies very much suitable for any occasion, season and any time provided the choice is appropriate.

There are many occasions during which sarees are worn by Indian women; for example marriage ceremonies. Needless to mention, marriage ceremonies are the one most auspicious occasion in Indian society. For this purpose, every singularity prefers to see the young ladies draped in gorgeous sarees of dark shades made of silk having an attractive pattern made of metallic threads.

Different sarees- Benarasi silk is the most preferred silk for any marriage occasion in India. Other than benarasi, baluchari, swarnachari, bomkai, south silk are some of the very popular sarees used in marriages. Aged women prefer to use sarees of comparatively lighter shade. Due to the use of such attire, marriage ceremonies become much more gorgeous and attractive. Women wearing sarees bring an environment of serenity on every occasion.

India is a country which houses different religions with a different culture. As a result, there are various religious activities going on around the year. These activities involve the worship of different gods and goddesses. But whenever we consider the attire of the goddesses, sarees are the only option that comes to one’s consideration. Not just the goddesses, even the ladies involved in the spiritual activities are better suited if they are draped in sarees. Even young girls wearing sarees look more attractive than girls wearing western dresses. Sarees improve the persona of the lady and improve her attire.

Not only just in spiritual or social activities like a marriage that sarees are preferred, but they are accepted and greeted with much importance in other social activities. Even in parties, a lady wearing saree grabs more eyes than a lady in some other form of dress. Now wearing sarees are not so easy. While choosing a saree one has to keep in mind quite a few physical factors such as complexion, height or even size. Even age plays a major role in the selection of sarees. Younger ladies might prefer sarees of dark color whereas ladies of comparatively higher age prefer light colored sarees. As a matter of fact, there is no substitute to sarees in different cultural and social function. If you are in Delhi, you can easily hop down to pakeeza plaza or any other sari store to get thehang of all the variants of the dress.


The type of sarees worn varies from one region or area to another, and also depends on the culture and the occasion. With the trend of wearing sarees increasing day by day, there are various designs of sarees available in the market. The different designs vary with the occasion. With the different designs, stylish sarees add glamour for every different occasion. All these designer sarees for different occasions are available at different stores all around India. Of all the stores, pakeeza plaza is one of the prominent stores.

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